Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Take The Kids To Church

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver take their kids Christopher, Patrick and Katherine to church on Sunday morning. They also have a daughter Christina, who is not pictured.



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  1. I agree….I can’t believe the Governor and his family dresses like that for church? Absurd!! Also, are you sure this is Katherine and not Christina??

  2. Not dressed appropriately for church? You should be lucky that there at least some Americans (and Austrians ;)) who are not that obsessed with church and God. In contrast to Arnold’s colleagues at government meetings, God won’t be there to judge their outfits. And even if: I’m sure your God is much more humorous than you think. He’d probably smirk about that boy’s shirt. 😉

  3. Speaking as a catholic mom who with my husband and I take our son’s to mass every week….kudo’s should go out to them for making mass a priority…and not focus on fashion people. Give me a break!

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