Keri Russell Talks Baby Weight

In an interview with Self, just 3-months after giving birth to River Deary, Keri Russell talks about baby weight, diets and being a new mom:

What was the secret to getting your body back so quickly?

“I stayed really physical during my pregnancy. I stuck to my normal prepregnancy workout, minus the stomach exercises and twisting. I really felt it helped my whole well-being. Ideally, I’d do pilates, usually on the reformer, for an hour every other day. And I walked almost every morning in this hilly park near our apartment.

Have you lost all the baby weight already?

“I think I gained around 25 pounds. I haven’t lost it all, but I feel good about the way I look.”

Have you changed your diet at all?

“It’s hard to sit down and make a perfectly healthy meal with a baby who needs constant attention, so for breakfast, I put him in the sling and walk to the coffee shop, where I get eggs, toast and salad. At home, I just wolf down whatever I can find while he’s sleeping.”

What’s the best change in your life since becoming a mom?

“Being less worried about the way I look.You’re just instantly less self-absorbed. Before I was in the habit of straightening my hair, but now when I have 35 minutes to myself, I want to put it in a bun, and sleep, or go for a walk. There’s no room, no time, no energy for vanity anymore.”

Keri Russell looks amazing, but here is another celebrity mom who still thinks she has baby weight to lose? Where?? I believe that she gained 25 pounds, but it looks like she lost that and more-don’t you think?

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  1. I agree with you, she doesn’t look like she’s gained weight or something, I’d even say she looks slim (she should gain some weight, I think). Glad for her, anyway.

  2. She’s always been very very thin, though; take a look at pictures of her from her time on Felicity. I’d say she looks healthier now.

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