Weekend: Share Your Abbyisms

Some of you may remember the post I would do once a week called “Share Your Abbyisms”

It was a thread where readers shared their funny kid stories and mom moments. Some were really cute & funny. I’ve moved all of those stories to a website called Abbyisms.com, because they really have nothing to do with celebrity babies. I would love if you guys could visit it and share either a funny kid story, or a mom moment that you’ve had. I would appreciate your feedback as well 🙂


*If there are any WAHM web designers-I need some design help, if you could contact me that would be great!


11/07-top left: Grace, 6, Abby, 4 1/2, Graham, 3

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  1. stahravinne

    i like the abbyisms site, and added one of my own from when i was a little girl. very entertaining! 🙂

  2. hannah

    your kids are so adorable 🙂

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