Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant?!

This is quite a shocker-Britney Spears’s 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant! The fob is Casey Aldridge, her long-term boyfriend. Nickelodeon, which carries her series Zoey 101 issued a statement:

“We respect Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn’s well being.”

Jamie Lynn and her mom talked about the pregnancy to Ok! magazine in a six page spread. The issue hits newsstands tomorrow. I thought Jamie Lynn had a chance…16, My God!


Britney is in denial that Jamie is pregnant. She did some late night shopping at the Lisa Kline store on Robertson Blvd, and told the paparazzi, “My sister’s not pregnant!”

TMZ.com reports that Britney is “frantic” about her 16-year old sisters pregnancy.

Here’s how she told her parents before Thanksgiving:

“I didn’t believe it because Jamie Lynn’s always been so conscientious,” her mother, Lynne Spears, told OK!. “She’s never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby.”

TMZ reports that Joyce Aldridge (the fob mom), said she was “aware of the recent interview regarding her and being pregnant” and that “we are in agreement with everything that was said by Jamie Lynn.”

Really, where has Lynne Spears been? These girls both have issues that reflect the need for attention. I realize she got herself in this mess, but there doesn’t seem to be any guidance in that family.

Photo via ONTD & Source

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  1. I’m wondering about the glaringly large void Britney and Jamie Lynn must be trying to fill in their lives with the boyfriends, the sex, the babies, etc. Lynn and Jamie Spears’ daughters have some very serious issues that are clearly the result of some pretty awful parenting.

    And Jamie Lynn has apparently been living with this 19 year old man? She says they met at church? What is wrong with her parents and what kind of “church” are they hanging out in??? When Britney messes up, it’s one thing because she’s an adult. When her 16 year old is sister is living with a man, not going to school, and ends up pregnant, then you have to stop and wonder how these girls were raised.

  2. Its not there mothers fault. Her daughters make there own decisons. I actually thought Jamie Lynn would be nothing like her sister.

  3. Oh my god!! She is only 16. I thought that she would have more sense, after seeing what Britney has been through. She should have been using protection. She is so young.

  4. RE: The age gap.

    The age of consent in Louisiana is 17; the “we’ll prosecute you” age is 12 & under. Despicable, but true.

    In most States, once you are about 2 years YOUNGER than the age of consent, the Court is the only “person” who can prosecute for statutory rape. In VA, for instance, although the age of consent is 17, if you are under 15, your parents can press charges. Over 15, only the Court can press charges for statutory. Typically, the courts don’t prosecute if there is a “reasonable” age difference (they wouldn’t blink at 16-19, but would have a hissy fit over 16-25). A friend of mine in NC had her daughter run away at 15 with an 18 year old, and the courts didn’t care… (I told her he was too old! As I predicted, the child came home PREGNANT… Thank GOD she did the right thing and gave up the child to a loving couple.)

    Sadly, it is solely up to the PARENTS once kids reach their mid-teens. While it’s ridiculous to assume that being a parent makes you all-knowing, Lynn Spears has an inexcusable track-record as a parent – Jamie Lynn being pregnant is just the icing on the cake. I cannot imagine letting a 16 year old reside with a 19 year old – ESPECIALLY without birth control! How stupid is THAT? OMG, the child had a career she’s lost as well as her childhood!

    Basic rule, people: if your teenaged daughter is dating boys older than herself, for God’s sake, make sure that child has birth control, like the SHOT – so she can’t decide she “loves him” and wants their “love child” so they can spend their lives together. Because “true love” makes everything okay, right?

  5. britney and jamie lynn love to have sex without protection!
    2 much!!! britney has her second child when she didn’t how take care of her first one…All the world speaking how britney doesn’t use her head, all the drama… and now, her sister, who is only 16 is pregnant! sadly, a lot of teenagers are getting pregnant and society has too see what is wrong…but if britney spears little sister gets pregnant, britney spears mother has too see what is wrong!maybe this woman think jamie is so adult, she thought this when britney has 10 years, but she has to understand that her daughters were famous when are child, and they had to have a normal childhood.
    anyway, jamie lynn was so stupid, if she had boyfriend for so long use another proteccion, pills ….

  6. What if JL isn’t really pregnant? What if all of this is just a ploy to take some of the scrutiny off of her sister, Britney Spears? That’s just a thought.

  7. Yes Its true her cherry was popped at a teen age year boohooo that is not good but best of luck wit her

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