Lily Allen Is Pregnant

The 22-year-old British singer Lily Allen is pregnant with her first child, dad is Ed Simons, 37, her boyfriend since September.

Her rep issued a statement: “As the pregnancy is at a very, very early stage, the couple ask that you respect their privacy. The couple will be making no further comment but they are obviously both thrilled by the news.”

There must be something in the air lately.



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  1. I wonder why these young celebrities think that morality doesn’t exist for them?

    Whatever happened to marriage, then having babies? Having a child is more of a commitment than marriage. If they can’t handle marriage, what makes them think they can handle a baby?

    The world revolves around a different sun for these people.

  2. I always wonder that same thing. Why do people think it’s less of a commitment to share a kid than share a last name? The name can be changed, the marriage license can be burned, but the child is forever. People need to stop getting caught up in the moment and think longer and harder about their choices. We all can see that this is yet another baby who will come from a broken home (it’s not even together now!) and see mom and dad go through a revolving door of other relationships and, most likely, more kids.

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