Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Christina For A Ride

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 60, takes his luxury Bentley convertible to do some shopping at Barneys New York with his daughter Christina, 16.

Don’t you still picture him as The Terminator? I have to say, he looks pretty darn good, I was surprised that he is 60-not that that’s old or anything:-)


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  1. Lola

    WHAT ?! He’s 60… I can’t believe it. Like him or not no one can deny that he looks really hot for this age.

  2. Bossy

    Wow, she’s rather tall considering how they look next to each other. The Governator is looking great.

  3. Beth

    Shes Very pretty in the face, too bad about those cankels !!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m older than her and her father is almost the same age as my grandfather. That’s just weird.

  5. Miapocca

    They just created an Amazon…I ownder if she quit growing now so at least she can model , but at 16 , she is almost shoulder to shoulder with that hulk of a man so I guess we are looking at 7feet…ouch

  6. Miapocca

    she lost a lot of weight..she used to be rather on teh bigger side ./.I know her mother had complained about her childhood, that she kept havingto go on diets to looklike aproper kennedeque lady..I wonder of thosekids have the same weight issues..

  7. aw!

    She looks like a huge Miley Cyrus to me. (She looks bigger than her father–WOW!)

  8. Misha

    Will she is ugly maybe she will grow out of it. Noooooooot

  9. Alexa

    Wow! She’s gorgeous! What a beautiful girl!
    Arnold looks like I’d expect him to look at 60.

  10. Arnold is really young at his age, and his daughter is almost as same as Arnold.

  11. Anonymous

    is daughter is at just as tall as him, so she’s 6’2″. If she’s only 15 she could grow up to 6’3″ or 6’4″. she should get into bodybuilding too and she’ll be taller AND bigger than him.

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