Life & Style Cover: New Trouble For Shiloh!

This isn’t “new” news, it’s the same old story that keeps getting written over and over. It seems Life & Style took excerpts from the interview with U.K.’s Look magazine, and are trying to recycle Angelina’s quotes.

In a shocking new interview, Angie provides possible insight into why, to her, Shiloh doesn’t seem to be a full member of the Jolie-Pitt clan.

“Shiloh looks like Brad,” she tells the U.K.’s Look magazine. “She’s almost going to be the outcast in the family because she’s so blond and blue-eyed.”

In the interview, Angelina also repeats a controversial comment she made earlier this year. “I think I felt so much more for Mad, Zee and Pax because they were survivors,” she says, “and Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born.”

It’s not the first time Angie’s revealed mixed feelings about Shiloh. Earlier this year, she famously called her infant daughter a “blob,” noting that the other kids “came with a personality.” But now friends confirm that Angie’s statements are backed up by her actions. “Shiloh’s always kept out of the spotlight,” notes a Pitt family friend. “And she misses out on a lot of things.”

Again this is just manipulation to try and sell magazines. Shiloh isn’t loved any less, they are trying to just protect her for the craziness.



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  1. Why can’t they keep the kids, like Shiloh , out the spotlight. It seems like there trying to prove they’re good parents to kids they adopted.

  2. I don’t like the fact that Shiloh is always away from us!!!
    She’s the darn cutest baby ever!!!!
    Does anyone have any scans from this issue; I’d defintely LOVE to see ”The cutest kids” section.

  3. as always, that’s manipulation from the media, and the poor ignorant who believe it (like “Marina – December 27, 2007 @ 2:30 pm”) are the reason why magazines keep showing these so called “news”. Shiloh is as loved as the other 3 kids, and there are plenty of pictures that show it.

  4. I also think that Shiloh is love but not as much as the three kids Angie is kinda weird she like to think she’s making a difference in someone life and she don’t feel that way about Shiloh but Shiloh is cute with Angie lips (SHE’S GONNA BE A HEARTBREAKER) when she get older

  5. I believe that Angelina loves Shiloh as much as the others. And there are so many pictures with Angelina and Shiloh who shows it ( I realy loves the pictures with her and Shiloh in the Zoo or in the Toys Shop or when Angelina kiss her,very much but there are so many others) and also Interviews where Angelina speaks so proud and lovely about her. I think it´s so mean and manipulative from the media like U.K. to wrote this or to use old Interviews where they took parts of to write a new article and tell the people it where from today, I hate the media who wrote such bad things just to let people look bad.

  6. If they love all the children the same. Shiloh should be out there as much as her other children and have some balance in their life style. To share each movement with each child the same amount of love should be shown.

  7. Oh, puhleeeeese, this is an article from a year ago (almost verbatim). So sad, the need to destroy someone for a story. Karma, baby, will happen.

  8. Who are these ‘family friends’ who are so concerned about Shiloh’s well-being that they’ll call the tabloids instead of Child Services (or whatever the California branch of that agency is called)?

  9. Ridiculous comments …shiloh is cute and angie is a great mother….these magazines they say anything for making money……
    shut up u idiots……

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