Diddy’s Girls

These are the adorable 1 year old twin daughters of Sean John Combs (Diddy): D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs. Mom is ex Kim Porter.


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  1. Natalie

    I don’t like to say this about someone else’s children, but they are two unfortunate looking little girls. x

  2. joy

    they are so fat and their arms look to long who could love those things??????

  3. poppy

    No comment as well.

    Actually, scratch that.

    Man, are they fat. And their feet are enormous. Really odd looking.

  4. Misha

    They are two cute I think fat babies are adorable

  5. Ermm...

    Those are te ugliest babies i have ever seen .. i don’t want to be rude but come on ..


    If none of you want to rude then the best thing to do would be to not say anything at all. By the way I don’t see any of your or your baby pictures on here for display – as I am quite sure you would receive some nasty comments as well. Those babies are absolutely adorable and precious! You should never make ugly comments for it tells just how ugly you actually are – especially for saying something so disgusting against innocent babies.

  7. tasha

    yes I agree u should keep ur comments 2 urself if u have nothing nice 2 say.

  8. J

    Their names are absolutely hideous, but those babies are cute!

    The nastiest things on THIS page are the commenting witches who are calling a pair of newborns “ugly”.

  9. Carmen G.

    J, those “newborns” are a year old. And their names are just different, certainly not hideous. You’re not any better than the people who call the girls ugly.

    Shame on you all and grow up.

  10. Sahriah

    The babies are precious, but as a nurse I can tell you they are too fat. There is a difference with being chunky and fat and I just hope that they are moderately feeding these girls. I would hate to know they end up with diabetes other common African American diseases. (Babies have heart attacks and get diabetes too).

    The real question is when are we going to see Chance?

  11. Anonymous

    ugly babies!!! they look like old rags

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