Russell & Charlie Shop For Mother’s Day

Russell Crowe and Charlie, 4 1/2, went shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for mom Danielle Spencer. The father son duo picked up some candy at Darrell Lea, and then headed on their way. Russell’s youngest son Tennyson, 22 months wasn’t with them.

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  1. I’m not trying to be mean, I was just wondering if I was the only one that thinks that it looks strange that the kid is riding in that stroller? It looks way too small for him. And he is going on 5, right? Isn’t he old enough to be walking around on his own? It just looks really odd to me. I mean, Russell Crowe can do whatever he wants with his children. I see nothing wrong with it. Am I just crazy to think that it’s a little weird?

  2. As I’ve said before, on this site, the stroller is not just about toting the kid, but all of the kid’s STUFF. And many children can GET to the place you’re going, be just fine there, but are too pooped to walk back. It’s a big whine-saver. Strollers are only a problem when you don’t let the kid get out when it’s reasonable. My kid will walk the mile to the aquarium (he’s 3.5), be fine inside, but by the time we leave, he’s just tired. And I have to carry all our stuff, and bring food (he’s gluten intolerant) so of CoURSE I’ll take the stroller until he’s probably 6 or so.
    This isn’t like those people who drive to the mall, stick the kid in a stroller the whole time, and then drive home. They’re walking in the city. Try it with a little kid for a few hours. You’ll be buying a stroller from the homeless out of desperation.

  3. Well said Ella!!!
    I agree, little kids can walk great by themselves…..but it’s the way back that kills you. Not only do you have a tired kid……but EXTRA bags from all your shopping!
    And they are walking a HUGE city!Not cabbing or driving!
    I plan on keeping my BOB until the very end as it holds upto 70lbs!

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