The Youngest Red Hot Chili Pepper

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer said he wants to travel the world with his 7 month-old son Everly Bear. Anthony and his model girlfriend, Heather Christie, welcomed their first child in October 2007. Anthony said he’d love to take his son on tour with his legendary band,

“I’ll take him wherever he’s comfortable going, he’s a part of me so I feel pretty happy taking him wherever I go.” [He added] “Yeah, we’re gonna check out the world together for sure.”

Read about Anthony’s past struggles with addiction after the jump

Kiedis was recently involved in a gig in aid of the rehab charity MusiCares. Anthony has openly spoken about his past struggles with addiction issues and stated,

“Life is tough and we’re always looking for little short cuts to make it easier and some of us are constitutionally different to others. Some people drink and it takes the pressure off and it’s no problem. Other people start drinking and using to take that edge off and they have a bad reaction to it, and it ends up being a bigger problem. I understand why people are attracted to getting loaded. I don’t think it’s necessarily rock and roll that has a bigger problem than other walks of life, it’s just we’re a little more in the limelight perhaps.”



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