Can’t Catch Me!

If was a fun-filled day at Gramercy Park for all of Julia Roberts’ kids. Twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter, 3 1/2, played chase and threw a ball back and forth while youngest son Henry Daniel Moder – who celebrated his first birthday on June, 18th was carried by his nanny.

More pictures below

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  1. I’m not exactly a fan of Julia’s due to her being so just right out rude with the paparazzi,if she didn’t want her kids photographed then keep them at home if not then oh well its her fault she took them out,and stay out of the spotlight,don’t be famous and you won’t have to complain about being constantly photographed and followed and the fact that she doesn’t wear deodorant just creeps me out,her kids aren’t exactly the cutest in the world……

  2. keep them at home and lock them in their rooms? look, missy, you might think these celebs don’t deserve the right to their own privacy when they decide to do normal things but i believe they do. you can say those things because no one gives a sh-t what you do in your life. aannnnyway, what gorgeous kids. a redhead and a blonde playing, running around. good for them. they’d be in college while shiloh is drinking and driving. lol

  3. How cute are those kids? So adorable! As for you no name #2 , you have a lot of nerve calling Julia rude. Check yourself.

  4. Julia isn’t like Angelina and Brad, and some of the other celebs bringing the paps into the kids personal living space. She doesn’t pimp her kids and that should be respected.

  5. How are Angelina and Brad bringing the paps into the kids’ personal lives? OMG, getting photographed taking your kid to school and to the toy store is definitely bringing the paparazzi into the a violation of the kids’ persona lives! They’re not like Tori Spelling who goes to every single even possible with her kid and pregnant belly in tow.

  6. I agree with Nicole,Angelina and Brad can’t help they are photographed every single time they go out to run an errand or take their kids to school or the park or wherever.and yes Julia is rude to the paps haven’t you seen the video were she pretty much slaps the paparazzi in the face who had taken a few photos of her when she was out?I’ve seen it tons and she could ignore them and go about her buisness instead of throwing a fit for everyone to see.

  7. Angelina has been exposed on several occasions for manipulating the press and revealing where she was going to be. She had Pax’s room photographed in people the same night she brought him from the orphange. Brad and Angelina are two disgusting people who did the same as Julia and Moder, yet people tend to put them on a pedestal. Bad, immoral behavior is the same no matter who does it. Except in the Brangie world.

  8. Seriously, Devin, what the heck? You realize you’re taking it too far when you spew the hate over posts that have nothing to do with them?

    I’m thinking that this is the nanny bringing them out, though, right?

  9. Nicole, it’s not hate its trying to get some perspective on things. You can hardly read a post about some other child or couple without them being compared to or put down in comparison to the brangies.

  10. It’s crazy how much hate there is on this website….

    These kids are adorable and I loved seeing them. I’ve never really seen them before!

  11. Hazel is really beautiful, she looks so much like Julia. The boys are just gorgeous too, love the red hair! 🙂

  12. Everyone of us needs something else than kids. It might be anything, one thing or many things. And when someone suggest that celebs should retire from acting after having children it creeps me. And that is what retiring from publicity actually means. What if you would be required to retire from your job. Job that you actually like or feel fullfilled from.
    Publicity comes with public jobs like acting, singing etc. And that means that no matter what your children will be affected about it. More known you are more publicity you and your children will get. Only locking them in would keep them from paparazzi and even that might not help (i.e. photos about Brad and Angelina with their children from villa in France).

    And about selling first images etc. I can actually see why. If I were clebrity I would probably do that. Fact is that someday there will be first images from their children. Sooner or later. And selling them gives parents a say on when and how.

    Just my two cents with hopefully readable English witch isn’t my own language

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