Anthony Kiedis & Everly @ Vons

Anthony Kiedis stopped into his local Vons supermarket with his baby son Everly Bear, 8 months, strapped to his chest. The Red Hot Chili Peppers singer left the store with nothing – hopped in a golf cart with Everly, and drove away?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Seconded. Very, very unwise for this father to have his baby strapped to his chest, in a motorized vehicle, WITHOUT a seatbelt on! He appears to be parked amongst automobiles. What if a car hit them? My gosh, what is he thinking?

  2. jeez, even the carrier isnt used properly. Your kids face isnt supposed to be smushed up agasint the fold down part, for cripes sake

  3. Safety aside…I can’t help but burst into laughter when I see these pictures of rocker Anthony Kiedis, wearing that goofy outfit, wearing a baby carrier. It’s hilarious.

    You know…they make these safety belts that you can wear on an airplane to safely hold your baby in your lap and still have them protected. It seems like this carrier isn’t much different….I feel like it’s safe enough…as long as they are staying away from cars on the street.

  4. So , how come the media isnt going down on him like they did to Britney or is a golf cart extremely safe or something??

  5. Miapocca – I need to talk to you. Go to the website that you and Libraesque used to chat last year. I hope you know which site i am talking about.

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