Ingrid Betancourt Is FREE !!

My thoughts go out to her children, Mélanie and Lorenzo, who have never given up and campaigned along with thousands of people for Ingrid’s and other hostages’ liberation. I wish them nothing but the best. That’s really GREAT, big news, and I really wanted to post about it.

Read more about her here and on the official site, Agir Pour Ingrid.

Source : AP

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  1. I can’t believe that people comment on the grammar rather than on the news itself! It’s way too serious to stop on a word! Gosh!! The woman has been in captivity for 2321 (2321!!!) freakin’ days, 2321 days without being able to see her kids, kiss them, talk to them, cuddle them, see them grow and you point out a single word in my post ?! SERIOUSLY ????

  2. I’m so pleased for Ingrid and her family as well as all the other hostages who were released with her.
    I saw the reunion with her children on the news. At first, I felt like an intruder because it seemed wrong that a reunion so long in the making was being filmed but her family was so overjoyed to be back together that they seemed to enjoy allowing all of us to witness that happiness too.

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