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Christina Aguilera seemed relaxed and eager to talk about life with her 6-month-old son, Max, and her husband of nearly 3 years, music exec Jordan Bratman in the recent issue of Glamour Magazine. The 27-year-old popstar opens up about how Max has changed her life and brought a deeper sense of meaning to her, and her music.

On her new album: “I just started recording it, but I can tell you that this record is all about fun. I’ll be referencing Pop Art, Andy Warhol’s art. So it will [sound] fun and fast-paced, and visually, it will be full of color, which is how it’s going to tie in with my new fragrance, Inspire [in stores next month].”

On how Max has influenced her music: “Absolutely–my little boy breathes new life into me. That’s one of the reasons I decided to go in a playful direction with this album. I’ve spoken openly about the domestic violence I experienced growing up.”

On her passion to raise awareness of domestic violence and child abuse: “Yes–even watching the news when you hear about babies being shaken. Of course you have compassion for children, but when you have your own, you feel it on a much deeper level. So I’m motivated to speak out even more; to do more charity work; to help children find [safe] homes.”

On her opinions regarding Amy Winehouse: “I’m not a judgmental person, so I can’t comment on someone else’s background. [As for me], I think I’ve always had a strong sense of self. My mom brought me up to believe that my talent is a gift and a blessing. But I have definitely made some mistakes that I would never do again.” When asked to elaborate, she said “When I was 21 and made Stripped, I was pretty distraught about some personal issues coming up from my past. I was going out and partying a lot–as people do at that age–and did some very unhealthy things to deal with the pain. But I was able to say, “OK, hold on.”

On being able to avoid the paparazzi: “A lot of people go out of their way [to be photographed]; I make a conscious effort to keep me and my family out of the limelight. The other day a paparazzo actually pulled up to my husband on the street and said, “Geez, I know the new house is big, but I’ve been trying to get a picture of you for months–you never leave the house!” And it’s true: I’ll go out at night after spending time with my son, but [during the day] I just hang out on my grounds, taking him for walks in the stroller in the backyard where we won’t be seen.”

On how Max changed her relationship with her own mother: “It’s given me a deeper understanding of the things she went through. She had a difficult childhood, and I think she wanted to make sure [I didn’t go through that]–[yet] she ended up marrying an abuser. My mom was so giving, almost too much, that she almost forgot about herself many times. So I’m careful to make time for myself. Rather than change who I am for Max, I bring the life lessons I’ve learned to the table.”

On how Max has strengthened her marriage: “It’s brought us closer–we’re bonded together for life. Relationships and great marriages are a whole learning and growing process. We’re just great teammates.” She went on to say how they keep the spark alive, “We make sure we have Mommy and Daddy nights out. Our child comes first, obviously, but there are certain things you can do: Once we know he’s in good hands, we go out late at night and have a few drinks. Then we’ll come home, dim the lights and do our thing–and I’m not going into any more detail than that!”

On working out 90 minutes every day: “I hate working out–I have to mentally push myself through it. I can get very whiny, saying things like, “I can’t do it!” When discussing working with a pushy trainer, the popstar said, “No–I can’t deal with having someone barking at me. Mean training is not motivating to me at all; I like to be comforted [through my workout]. All my trainer has to do is say nicely, “I want you to do 200 bicycles; go right through it and don’t stop.” Then I’ll know she’s serious and I’ll do it. I started out not being able to do man push-ups; pull-ups were a big one too. Now I can do five in a row.”

On being anxious to see results from all the exercise: “Being the perfectionist that I am, my attitude was, this had better hurry up–I want results! My trainer kept saying, “Give it time, you’re looking great.” Everyone around me was saying they could see a difference, but, you know, you’re hardest on yourself. I did see my stomach get flatter and tighter and more muscle definition.”

On what she liked and didn’t like about her pregnant body: “Well, I was OK with the booty and the boobs! [Laughs.] My stomach was really where I carried my weight. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I felt really big–I gained about 40 pounds, which is a lot for my size. My hips also changed significantly. And my feet grew from a size 5 to a size 7 in flats–thank God they [went back to normal]. I would have been so depressed if I had to get rid of my shoe collection!”

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  1. Oh give me a break X-tina!! You aren’t the only one on the planet that gave birth to a baby. This chick makes it seem like her child is a prince the way she rambles on and on about him. I can’t stand her fake appearance, she gets on my nerves!!

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