Eden & Savannah Meet With Mr. Squirrel

Source : Pacific Coast News

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  1. Someone on this site mentioned that Marcia favored Eden, and whenever I see pics of her with the twins, it does always seem like she is holding Eden, if the twins are in strollers, she is pushing Eden, she taken Eden on outings alone, it really seems like she does favor her, flip through some past entries before you start to bash me….see for yourself.

  2. Somebody on this site had commented that Marcia favors Eden. and the more pics of them I see I have to say I agree. In every pic of them, Marcia is always holding Eden, if they are in strollers, Marcia is pushing Eden. She takes Eden on outings alone, in every pic! Take a look at past entries and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. I agree she is out with Eden more and I’m so sick of seeing photo’s of them at the park,it’s like thats all she does.If they like the park so much why don’t they live there?wait they pretty much already do!

  4. You dont know that she favors her. Eden could just be higher maintenence then her sister. Thats REALLY common.

    secondly, i cant imagine you would be so mean spirited about someone taking their kids on daily outings… those kids are extremely lucky

  5. Really, that’s very mean-spirited to criticize a mother for taking her kids out for fresh air and exercise every day. Would it be better if she parked the kids in front of a DVD all the time? Or left them with nannies? The paps know they can get and sell pictures of them so they’re always around. And why not, a pretty mother from a hit TV show and her beautiful babies–it’s a no-brainer.

    And I don’t think she necessarily “favors” Eden–every child, even identical twins, and these two are fraternal, has a different personality. Savannah may be more adventurous and wants to be out on her own, walking or riding in a toy or wagon, while Eden needs her mommy close.

  6. I think it’s great that Marcia is actively involved in her children’s everyday life. What is wrong with going to the park? my son and I go to the park 5 days/week cause he is such an active kid (hates being confined @ home), so maybe that’s what she is doing.

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