Laila Ali Welcomes A Baby Boy

American Gladiator host, and former boxer Laila Ali, 30, and her husband, Curtis Conway, 37, welcomed their first son together – a baby boy on Tuesday August 26, 2008. Curtis Muhammad Conway, JR., weighed in at 6.6 lbs and measured 19 inches long.

Laila had planned for a natural homebirth, but her rep said,

“Although mom and baby are both healthy and happy, there were some surprises during labor that altered Laila’s birth plan”

The baby joins Curtis’ kids – twins Cameron and Kelton, 13, and Leilani, 9, from a previous relationship.

Congrats to the family!

Source: Laila Ali/People

Photo: Pregnancy Magazine

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  1. I’m sorry if this sounds rude but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that her birth “plan” didn’t go as planned. I get so annoyed with people who have never given birth before and act all high and mighty when it comes to pain medication and childbirth in a hospital…etc. Wasn’t her plan to have this baby at home, with no medication, in a calm serene environment with a doula with birds signing and angels playing harps …etc. ..etc…. YUCK! I mean, I think it’s great to want all of that but when you start acting like it’s just so wrong to have a baby in the hospital and your “natural” way is the only “right way”….it makes me just sick.

  2. I agree Bluzey, I was rolling my eyes at that other article about how things were going to go “like this” and “like this” like her just saying it was going to make it happen that way.

  3. jeez… give her a break! at least she was willing to try a natural birth in the first place. most women nowadays drive to the hospital and ‘plan’ their babies birthdays, getting induced when it’s ‘convenient’ for them, getting an epidural before they even feel any sort of labour pains, opting for a serious abdominal surgery b/c they don’t want any issues ‘down there’. i think that’s a million times worse than someone who tried for a natural birth and had to alter their plans. kudos to her for even trying. maybe she’ll make of a go of it the 2nd time around. labours almost always are shorter and easier in subsequent pregnancies.

  4. What angry comments people have about natural childbirth…I guess no pro-hospital mothers have EVER insinuated that home birth is ridiculous. Being happy that someone’s birth didn’t go as they planned is an awful thing to say. Perhaps you should discuss your uncalled for anger with a therapist, and try accepting people who are making the most of their first birth experience. Not everyone chooses to deal with intimidating situations (birth) by bowing down to some authoritative figure. What a concept…

  5. Hey, there is nothing wrong with asking for epidural/C section! Some women have a high tolerance of pain and some women dont. But that doesnt mean the ones with epidural/C-sections are less mothers than the ones who are without. It’s our BODY people, it’s our CHOICE! nobody (even authoritative figure) can change that. This is coming from a mother who did a natural birth with out any intervention.

  6. Congrats to natural births! My grandmother gave birth naturally to 17 children, and they are all in good health. As an Ob/Gyn, yes, I have performed both natural and medically assisted deliveries, but just to mention, many of the time women do not choose to have natural deliveries because of the pain tolerance etc. Rather, they would prefer not to have potentially toxic foreign chemicals in their bodies. For those of you who have had epidurals, I would hope that you are aware of the potential risk associated with them prior to signing our release form, which inevitably makes most women a little iffy about the procedure.

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