Ricky Schroder Recalls Son’s Accident

Ricky Schroder recently opened up about his eldest son, Holden’s, dirt bike accident near the family home. On impact with a truck, Holden’s helmet flew off and he was thrown through the air, sliding under the truck, where his skull hit the vehicle’s axle,

“It was the worst call,” Ricky, 38, said about the message he received over the phone from his son’s best friend.

When they arrived at the hospital, Ricky and his wife Andrea saw the severity of Holden’s condition,

“He was bleeding out of his head and his ear,” Andrea said. “He was shaking from the shock, and he was in pain. That was the worst for me, seeing my son suffering.”

After two surgeries and nearly a year of recovery, Holden pulled through. The teen is now adjusting back to his regular life as he enters his high school junior year and prepares for his SATs. The Schroders are sure to count their blessings after this serious accident,

“There’s nothing harder that we’ve been through,” Andrea said, adding that she and Ricky are now more cautious when it comes to their kids because, “You see how fragile life is.”

Ricky and Andrea Schroder have four children: Faith, 7, Cambry, 11, Luke, 15, and Holden, 16.

Source: People

Photo: Jonathan Skow / People

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