Milla Jovovich & Ever @The Pumpkin Festival

Milla Jovovich and her fiance, Paul Anderson, took their daughter Ever to the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival in California yesterday. The couple had a child harness on their energetic daughter, who turns 1 years old in two weeks.

Click below for more pictures!

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Oh dear, please tell me those high-waist jeans arent really coming back in full force because even Mila barely get away with it, can you imagine “normal full bodied” people like us?!

  2. we had one for my cousin when he was a year because he would take off in public and it was nearly impossible to catch him when he ran off.So yes its a need for some kids.

  3. I’m sorry but I think child harnesses are horrible. Reminds me of dog leashes. But Im sure some people will see this picture and think “Hey if she has one, its gotta be trendy!”

  4. I was so against them, i totally thought they were just like dog leashes too, but some kids hit the ground running, and ive experienced that first hand with a friends sweet daugther who unfortunately coudlnt be contained while walking. she had extreme exuberance and wanted to see everything as fast as possible. so ive completley revised my oppinion

  5. I agree Katrina. Some kids are runners! I used to be very much against them. That was until I had my third child. My 2 1/2 year old will dash off out of nowhere and I can’t run after him very easily when the baby is in a sling or my arms. I used a wrist one a few times and he was so embarrassed that he rarely tries to run off now.

    With big events like this with lots of people it’s nicer to let the child walk around with a harness instead of keeping them in a stroller to have to get in and out of people’s way.

  6. I agree, I have four boys and two were runners. Fortunately, I live in small populated areas where a harness wasn’t really necessary but if I were to go to Six Flags, or Disney World, or a highly populated area..heck yeah I’d be using a harness! You can NEVER be too save when your children are involved.

  7. I have a child harness that I had to use with my oldest, but for some reason only when we are in airports. He would not run away in any other situation, but if we were in an airport, there simply was no containing him.

  8. I think those child harnesses look kind of out of place on a child because it makes the child seem like a pet animal or something, but I guess they are a pretty good idea seeing as there are always distractions when you’re out of doors, and if you’ve got a little one who needs constant supervision, then something like a harness would be a good idea. But I would probably just carry my child around. Anyway each to their own. Milla looks great in those high-waisted jeans and I like it that that style is making a comeback. Ever is such gorgeous little girl, and she really reminds me of Miss Shiloh Nouvel, with her rosy pout and chubby cheeks and blue eyes. Very sweet…

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