TomKat Does Brunch With The Parents

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their sleeping daughter Suri, 2 1/2, leave Balthazar restaurant in NYC on Sunday after having brunch with Katie’s parents and Tom’s mother, Mary Lee Mapother.


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  1. Its been said before but WHY is everyone bundled up against the cold and once again Suri is in a summer dress? I wonder if they know that there are warm dress up clothes available for purchase.

  2. Why is Suri wearing short sleeves when her parents are wearing long sleeves? (Heck, even a coat in Katie’s case.) Good grief! That child needs to be dressed warmer. This isn’t the first picture I’ve seen like this. Over the past month or so I’ve seen lots of pictures where Katie is wearing season-appropriate clothes and poor Suri is in a short or no-sleeve dress with nothing on her legs either. They can certainly afford for her to wear a different coat or jacket every day (just like her clothes) and also some stockings if she is in a dress!

  3. It’s no excuse, but sometimes babies have their own ideas of what’s appropriate attire for an outing. There are times when the schedule is pinched and there’s a wardrobe standoff, even the most responsible parents might cave. You would think that a celebrity couple that knows the chances are great that they will be photographed would be very conscientious in making certain their child is properly dressed. Suri not only had on a short sleeved top but no socks or tights.

    I suppose that so long as they wrap her up for the trip to and from the car, which they seem to have done, no harm’s done. But they seem to really make a habit of it, don’t they?

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