Update: Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Having Twin Boys

Charlie Sheen has confirmed to OK! that he and wife Brooke Mueller are expecting twin boys.

“I’m truly blessed,” Charlie tells OK! in an exclusive statement. “I’m already the proud father of three beautiful daughters, and I’m delighted that they’ll now have two little brothers. Life doesn’t get any better than this.” the Two and a Half Men star adds.

Click below to read about what Brooke’s mom has to say, and the original post.

Brooke’s mother has confirmed that they are expecting twins.

“Brooke and Charlie are expecting twins, and they are so excited,” Moira Fiore, who spent time with Brooke last week, tells PEOPLE. “Obviously, I am floating on air.”

Moira added that the couple “think the twins are boys” but aren’t sure, and talked about how Brooke is doing,

“Brooke has had all day morning sickness but is coming to the end of the first trimester so she hopefully will feel better soon. It has been rough for her. Brooke looks so beautiful,” adds her mom. “She is just glowing.”

The twins are due in April.

Original post –

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are expecting twins.

Another set of twins in Hollywood?? Is there something in the water out there?

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  1. No Jenny, it’s not the waters..it’s called “Doctors’ intervention” because in Hollywood twins is the new BLACK. Got twin, you win!!

  2. Aren’t twins increasing in frequency because of IVF and other fertility drugs? I wish more of these famous parents would admit when they use help to conceive – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s nothing wrong with needing help to have a child, or in wanting a child!

  3. ^^ Okay I don’t get that.

    Anyway, yeah, there’s no way all these sets of twins were naturally conceived. I wonder if they’re going to have a boy, since Charlie wants one so bad but seems to produce girls.

  4. finally, i think people are finally getting the idea that all these twins could not possibly be happening naturally. its just too many to be normal. i am not saying they are all getting IVF, but i do believe most of them have been taking clomid or something like that for a fertility boost. hey, if they can afford it more power to them. i think they dont admit it because they dont actually need the drugs to get pregnant, they just use them to up their chances of multiples or to get pregnant sooner.

  5. I don’t have any thing to base this on but I personally believe that it is doctor intervention, not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but I kind of feel like maybe they just get impatient and want a child fast and turn to doctors for help. I mean, getting knocked up can take time and can take years even if everything is all good down there. Again, this is just my personal opinion and I have no evidence.

  6. awesome! I am extremely happy for him! I hope he teaches them to be gentlemen and not the bad boy (hopefully) he used to be!!!

  7. Everyone I know who has had IVF had one baby at a time and their doctors preferred it that way because of all the problems that multiple pregnancies bring. I think it’s more likely that they did fertility drugs like Clomid, etc.

  8. I do not believe for one second all these stars are having twins naturally. Don’t forget with their money they can get all the IVF/Clomid they want. That stuff is expensive.

  9. I actually dont think many of these women need IVF, clearly julia roberts did (total baloney her twins were natural, at least J Lo admitted it) but they prefer IVF because then you know when you get pregnant. its the same reason these ladies chose C section even though its a surgery. you dont have to go through labor and tearing down there and clearly they think its preferable. I think celebrities abuse IVF but there are no regulations that say you can only do it w fertility probs

  10. @Lisa: I agree..and to some celebs, by having this twin trend it will boost their popularity to stay in limelight. Really sounds twisted but anything is possible in La-la Land.

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