Tom Cruise: Paps Shots Of Suri Are “Incredible”

While most stars have a rocky relationship with the paparazzi especially when their children are being photographed, Tom Cruise recently said how much he admires some of the shots taken of his daughter Suri. The 46-year-old actor told Grazia magazine “I have to say some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible.” Tom went on to say “As a parent you protect your children but Suri is a very open and warm child and she will just wave to people on the street. She is such [a] happy, fun girl. It is certainly different these days with the media, but people have been very good to us and do give us space so I am not going to be difficult.”

Daily Mail went on to report Tom’s denial of pregnancy rumors regarding his wife, Katie Holmes: “We have already heard she’s pregnant but it’s not true. But yes, we will have more children. When Suri was born we just shut down everything for months to be with her and Connor and Bella and all the family and have that precious time to enjoy together. But now I’m making movies and Kate is loving being on Broadway because it has been a dream of hers, so we are enjoying this time too.”

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  1. I think it’s great to hear a celebrity say something about the paparazzi that isn’t a 20 minute complaint. People deserve privacy, but when you are paid (BIG bucks) to be famous, then you need to accept the attention it or do something else for work.

  2. I dont think we can assume that Suri is frightened. Surely she is used to the attention by now. She may just be in a bad mood, needing a nap, or who knows the situation when she looks unhappy for the paps to be around.

  3. I agree with Lily you know if you become famous the paparazzi are part of the deal,you don’t want you kids to be photographed then don’t become famous.They can’t complain that much,they picked a career in movies and became famous so they can deal with it.Obviously Tom must have his assitants or someone look at the photo agency sites so that’s how he see’s the photo’s.He isn’t the first celeb to say they have gotten some amazing family shots from the paparazzi I forget who it was but one actress said she got some of the best photo’s of her family thanks to the paparazzi.

  4. I really think these two have an amazing beautifully baby girl. But Suri is often photographed covering her ears… That’s kind of disturbing… There are some truly amazing shots too, on the other side 🙂

  5. the problem with America is people have gotten used to the idea of paparazzi. no one, including famous actors, should have to be followed around by annoying paparazzi who can endanger the lives of families (yes, they’ve been known for following people and cutting others off to get decent shots, the late princess Diana comes to mind…) everyone, no matter how famous, deserves to be stripped of privacy. most actors didn’t choose acting for the fame. the way people have gotten used to them is scary and unusual. they need to be stopped.

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