Tom Cruise Admits – It’s Hard To Get Coats And Jeans On Suri

Tom Cruise sat down with Regis and Kelly today to talk about his new film, Valkyrie, and couldn’t help but gush about his kids! He shared that his older children, Isabella, 16 this month, and Connor, 13, share their dad’s worth ethic – they “want to work and earn their own money.”

He spoke about 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri wanting a puppy for Christmas this year, noting that she “loves dogs, puppies” and any other animal. He also mentioned that not only is Suri stubborn about what she wears – it’s hard to get coats and jeans on her – but she also dresses herself if Katie lays out her clothes. In the struggle for getting a coat or pants on, though, Tom says having a big sister helps, because Suri will look to Bella when it comes to what she wears!

Tom also admitted that Suri is “so sweet” that she’s hard to say no to – and that all his children are, at least in his eyes.

Valkyrie opens Christmas day.

Photo: Hector Vallenilla,

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  1. It’s funny how he tries to clear his reputation now since it coincides with Valkyrie promo (regretting the couch jumping and Matt Lauer’s glib comment). Well, nice try dude, too bad it’s 3 years too late!

  2. Boy, way to promote the upcoming release of ‘Valkyrie’.. Nothing says Christmas like a nice Hitler assassination movie…

    Is it me or will Suri be the most spoiled child ever!

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