Jen & Violet Enjoy Some Mommy & Me Time

It was just a check-up! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were seen entering Cedars-Sinai Medical Center yesterday and we couldn’t help but wonder if Violet’s little brother or sister was about to arrive. However, later that same day, Jennifer and her 3-year-old daughter Violet were seen enjoying some quality time shopping at Williams Sonoma in Santa Monica. It looks like baby Affleck will be born in 2009 after all.

What a sweet mother-daughter duo! 😉

Photos: Pacific Coast News


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  1. It didn’t look like she was in pain so I sort of figured a check up. Plus I was thinking if it was time for her to give birth, why did Ben stopped to get coffee? Lol. Just didn’t make sense.

  2. Thanks CBS for these lovely pics of Jen and Violet. This is my guilty pleasure. This much sweetness cannot be good for my diabetes. lol

  3. seriously it HAS to be a health hazard for Jennifer to be carrying Violet and I’m sick of the excuses oh the paps are there so she HAS to carry her,NO she doesn’t surely they have a nanny or a friend or assistant that would be willing to hold Violets hand and let her WALK for crying out loud!I’m so sick of people saying it won’t harm Jennifer or the baby,it very well could.

  4. I’m also very sure Jen will not do anything to harm her unborn child. She’s an intelligent woman, so if it really is a health hazard, she’d not be doing it

  5. I never understand how people like Amanda know better than a persons doctor! If it would harm her or the baby her doctor would have told her not to carry her.

    Although I do think she should just let Violet walk because she is old enough to walk, I don’t think she should be doing so because it’s dangerous.

  6. If she shouldn’t carry her, I’m certain she wouldn’t. She is running out of time to do so anyway. Soon there will be a new baby to carry. Violet is on her side or hip not riding the “hump.”

  7. There’s nothing wrong with it, for cripes sake. Secondly, you arent supposed to start changing things drastically with an older child before the birth of a new one. Once the baby is born, Violet will be walking, and experienceing everything a new baby needs while being a big girl.

  8. I don’t think Jennifer has to carry Violet because she’s afraid of who is out there–she did have a dangerous stalker recently–but that she wants to. If it were my child, I’d do the same.

  9. she doesn’ t have to carry Violet,the child is perfectly capable of walking and I dont believe its because of the paparazzi or stalker,she has security to protect her and Violet.The kid can walk,she is going to be very unhappy when this new baby comes and mommy can’t constantly lugg her around all the time.

  10. didn’t anyone pay attetion to what Angelina said?her doctor told her NOT to carry the kids around when she was further into her pregnancy.If a doctor is saying for one pregnant woman not to carry her kids around why should it be any different for Jennifer?

  11. @Amanda:Because pregnancy is different for every woman. One woman might have complications or a more difficult pregnancy than the other. That is why you ask your doctor what is ok for YOU, and if he says carrying your child is no problem, it isn’t.

  12. 1. Angelina was pregnant with twins, which has to be different…
    2. One can never compare two pregnant women, haven’t you heard that human beings are unique?
    3. She’s not carrying Violet because she’s afraid the paparazzi’s will physically hurt her, but because a child this young would move very slowly and she would probably stop and stare at all those people calling or she would get scared because she is not held and reach for her mother’s arms…

    I really don’t see how any of us is in position of judging a mother who has proven so many times to be really carrying and especially why should we…? Do you really think that she is so stupid or so unaware as to hurt the baby inside her? Just think…

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