Billy Martin & Wife Welcome Son Dreavyn

Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin and his wife Linzi have welcomed their first child together, PEOPLE reports. Dreavyn Kingslee Martin was born on Jan. 26th in Pasadena, California.

“Mom is doing great, baby is healthy,” Martin tells the magazine. “I couldn’t ask for anything more. It is hands down the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life. We can see so much of my wife and I in him already!”

Martin, 27, and 25-year-old Linzi, a hairstylist, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on March 1st. They have been together for nine years.

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  1. I dont think the name dreavyn is so bad… it kinda sounds like Devon. Anywau congrats to the new parents, they are both really good looking so im sure their son is adorable.

  2. parents are changing spelling right and left these days. They think they are being unique just because their son’s name is Jaedyn, not Jaden. hate to break it to you people, but it is still pronounced the same and is still the second most common name nowadays, after Aaden. (Which also gets a ton of different spellings)

    Aaden, Jaden, Braedon, and Hayden and Caedon are all in the top ten boys names right now, it’s just that there are so many ways of spelling them, the social security list doesn’t have them up there. But when pronunciation is taken into account, they are way more common than anything else.

  3. Billy’s son’s name is fantastic. And it doesn’t sound like Devon. And his name is pronounced Dray-ven. Commonly spelled Draven.. They just wanted it spelled uniquely. I think it is a spectacular name.
    Again, congrats Billy.
    I’ll see you soon. Can’t wait to see baby Dreavyn again.

  4. Oh, and the name isn’t “Emo” at all. You’re apperantly just ignorant. And I will let Billy know how you feel about his son’s name “Lala”

    And Laura, I’ll be sure to let them know you think they’re son’s name is hideous. I’m sure he’ll think so much of you after hearing that.

  5. OMG ITS SO AWESOME THEY HAVE A KID NOW but so depressing at the same time CX but all and all im happy for them :Dand what an adorable name!

  6. I like many parents of the New Millenium like unusual and or unique names. Although if you think about it.. there have been and will be names that are different/unique with any era.. for example how many Pearls do you really know ! My son always gets complemented for his unique strong name, which is Caedon Dane.. just because it’s in the top 4 (ie Aiden, Braden, Jayden etc) it STILL is unique. As Caedon will NEVER be as ‘common’ as John or Michael or Joshua… just enlightening this page with a comment.. Thanks all … Random1

  7. i love the name, and had picked it out for my child, girl or boy, due in april. i heard it from as shoe company, and also knew it from the crow. i cant wait to have my baby, and call her/ him drae.

  8. awww i never really thought of william as a father but he had a actual son and hes pretty good! <3 his son has his beautiful eyes! 🙂

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