The Kiedis’ Enjoy A Beach Stroll

The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was out for a Valentine’s Day walk on the beach his 16-month-old son Everly Bear Kiedis and an unidentified woman.

Everly’s mom is Heather Christie, the trio were spotted enjoying the California sun a few weeks ago as well.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. aw, i thought everly was a girl at first glance! he is so adorable, such beautiful eyes!! and he looks a little older than his age.. =) aw

  2. Yea… that is not Heather Christie. Heather has a tattoo on her right leg, that can be seen in other pre-Everly pictures.

    Everly, however… is absolutely adorable!

  3. He looks so big! Maybe because we dont see that many pics of him…That isnt the baby’s mama…Isnt she a tall, dark haired model?

  4. The post didnt say that the woman is the picture was Heather. They have been broken up for awhile. Anthony has waited a long time to be a Daddy. It looks like hes doing a great job!

  5. what a sweet sweet little boy. he looks like one of those really innocent little lovie dovie boys….i’m blessed to have one of them too…. i always think it’s funny that he puts a barrette in his hair, he has so much of it, i guess on a windy beach you gotta keep it out of hte kids eyes…but imo, that’s what a hat is for!!! oh well, when you are the son of one of the biggest rock stars of the last 20yrs i guess things are always gonna be a little different and the lines will always be a little blurred. look at the way gwen stefani dresses her boys, they wear leggings and tights!

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