Anthony & Everly Bear: Pictured In Plaid

Rocker Anthony Kiedis and his adorable 1 year-old son Everly Bear were pictured in their plaid outfits shopping at CVS pharmacy in Malibu on Saturday afternoon. The adorable tot was seen leaving the store with a Dora balloon.

The frontman for Red Hot Chilli Peppers recently said Everly is a very relaxed and easy baby: “Being a father is different, it’s much different. I sleep when I can, but he’s letting me off pretty easy so far. He’s a very calm and peaceful kid.”

Photos: Fame

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  1. Wow he does look just like his mama! What a cutie pie. Anthony seems so good with him. He’s waited a long time to become a Dad, good for him.

  2. what a cute boy, but every time i see him he just reminds me of a little girl. it must be those mysterious eyesss…

  3. i know he looks just like suri am like ohh emmm geee like seperated at birth much oh wow its so funnyy…..his mum looks like his big sister …his dad looks like his grandpa…its just wrong everything is wrong…but very cute family …and cute kid beautiful eyes

  4. Everly may be relaxed but his dad sure looks the opposite. Splittiing from Heather seems to have had a negative effect on Anthony.
    Yes, Bear looks just like his mum 🙂

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