First Glimpse Of Bronx Mowgli Wentz

What a cutie! Three-month-old Bronx Mowgli Wentz was seen with his parents, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, in London as Pete’s band Fall Out Boy is on tour. Upon arrival at their Central London hotel, Pete and Ashlee both wore hoodies whilst Pete carried baby Bronx in his car seat covered by a blanket. Pete had a noticeable black eye as they walked into the hotel. The family of three was later seen leaving the Fall Out Boy gig in Brighton at The Brighton Centre with baby Bronx.

The Wentzs were just seen arriving in London last Wednesday as Fall Out Boy tours Europe throughout March. The band will be back in North America in April.

Photos: Splash


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  1. Actually, I think he might look more like Ashlee. The eyes. Plus, she has had some work done, remember. I think his mouth is Pete’s, though.

  2. He’s really cute, but obviously he was scared by the paparazzi’s flashes. I feel really bad. They shouldn’t do that. There should be some law preventing “photographers” to take pictures like that. They’re just too close.

  3. hahahaha lala your comment!
    but he looks just like ashlee to me, and i notice a little ginger-ness in those brows, aw he might have red hair!

  4. yeah melanie, I saw that too. he might have red hair. he’s a cute baby. congrats to the parents, I just don’t see this sweet baby being called Bronx.

  5. what a little cutie!! i totally expected him to have a lot of dark hair like pete!! he looks nothing like i had expected him to look like…but a cutie!!

  6. Maybe I am way out of the loop here, but is Fall Out Boy that big to be doing an international tour? Just wondering who pays these kid’s bills…that is a mighty fine Louis that Ashlee is carrying…

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