Violet Affleck’s Ice Cream Deep Dimples

You could scoop ice cream out of those dimples! Jennifer Garner and her adorable 3-year-old daughter Violet stopped at TCBY for a frozen tasty treat after preschool on Tuesday. It’s nice to see the mother-daughter duo spending so much quality time together. We can’t wait for baby Seraphina to join the adorable duo on some of their outings!

Jen’s good friend and former Alias co-star, Victor Garber, was asked if Violet is as “adorable as she seems” in which he replied, “Oh, she is just an astonishing child. She looks just like her mother! She’s her mother’s daughter.”

Photos: Fame / MO/ / Pacific Coast News

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  1. Wow, can you get any cuter!!! They are a great duo!! I love how Jennifer really and sits to listen to Violet.

  2. LOL very cute set of pics! Violet and Kingston should get together on a play date or something. Those two are like the happiest kids on this planet!

  3. The caption could also read: Jennifer and her mini-me. They look so much alike in that third pic. Very cute set of pics. In that last pic Vi seems to have more on her little face than what she ate. lol

  4. The mention of Seraphina joining Jen and Violet raised a question in my mind that I’d like to ask you moms. I know there can be jealousy issues when a new baby comes into the family, but what happens when the baby is old enough to interact and go on the outings too, like to get ice cream or go to the store with Mommy? You know, Mommy and me suddenly becomes Mommy and me plus one! Are there jealous pangs with the older child, or have they adjusted by then?

  5. In my opinion there isn’t favortism here. But just a mom who finds it easier to take a 3 year old for ice cream without having to tote a very small infant, and the carrier or stroller or what ever with them. The small infant doesn’t realize that she is left at home. And it won’t be a very large window of opportunity to just take Violet alone for Mommy and me time.

  6. Violet is so over-indulged and coddled too much by Jennifer – second baby or not. Whever I have seen them out and about she fusses and acts very spoiled. She carries her too much, etc. V always is posing for the photogs too. Must be weird to be raised like that.

  7. 11: Wow. I’ve never seen Violet being fussed over excessively. She just looks like a happy, carefree child with truely normal parents. Thats’ better than 99% of Hollywood

  8. How does a three yr old child pose for paparazzi? That’s obsurd. I suppose Kingston does also. Utter nonsense. They are babies making the most of the situation. Get real.

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