Matlida Ledger Jumps High In The Sky

What a sweet little girl! Using mom, Michelle Williams, and a friend as human swings, 3-year-old Matilda Ledger jumped high in the sky on Friday morning in NYC.

The little cutie, who was dressed in a bright yellow raincoat, always keeps us smiling with her many expressions. Her father’s bright spirit lives on!


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  1. Her father’s “bright spirit” is doing lines somewhere with John Belushi. This happy little girl is a result of her mom’s effort and nobody else.

    • Your comments are totally disrespectful. Why feel the need to trash this little girl’s father? Tasteless and unecessary.

      • What’s to respect? Nobody’s owed respect without earning it and the father she won’t even remember because he was too busy doing drugs to worry about her future, hasn’t earned any. Michelle didn’t even trust him to take her for sleepovers. Tasteless? What’s tasteless is dying in a pool of your own vomit because you would rather party with an Olson twin than get your act together and parent your child.

  2. What a doll! It’s so nice to see that Michelle treats her like a normal kid and lets her walk, even in spite of the photogs. Unlike Suri Cruise, Violet Affleck, this child truly looks like she is leading a normal life (and perhaps even potty trained at 3!).

  3. Of course she is happy as a result of how good Michelle is as a mother. But her father did play some role in the short time he was around her, the first 2 years make a difference too. And she looks so much like him.

    I love Michelle’s boots, anyone know what make they are?

  4. Oh my goodness! Your last couple of batches of Matilda pix have put a nearly permanent grin on my face! (Not to mention, they’re a welcome antidote to the unfortunate recent snaps of Suri & Katie.) Delighted to see the whole Ledger/Williams/Jonze family looking so free and easy and happy together.

  5. Ooooh, sorry! I reckon I didn’t make myself clear enough to avoid gratuitous ‘correction’, haha! Was referring to Matilda’s new triad in general (we’d know Jonze’s nose anywhere, wouldn’t we, and this one ain’t it *wink*). But hey, thanks ‘Anonymous’, for wanting to keep the Comments section tight ‘n’ tidy! 😛

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