Zuma Gets Some ZZZ’s

What a little cutie! Gwen Stefani was seen carrying her sleepy 7-month-old son Zuma Rossdale on the Easter weekend. Gwen, Gavin, Zuma and Kingston were seen making a stop at a San Fernando Valley Whole Foods to pick up some quick items before making their way to her parents’ house to celebrate Easter.

Grandma Stefani was seen sporting an apron while Gwen’s relatives were seen waving and having fun with the lurking paparazzi. Big brother Kingston, who turns 3 next month, was seen looking cool and having fun as usual. Gwen was seen paying homage to her band No Doubt by sporting a funky concert tee.

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  1. Those boys are soooo cute!

    And while Gwen looks great, those red lips and bleached hair really have to go. They were fun at the beginning of her career, but now they’re just like a mask.

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