It’s Seraphina Rose Elizabeth!

It’s our first clear glimpse of the Garner-Affleck family of four! Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and their two adorable daughters, Violet, 3 years, and Seraphina, 3 1/2 months, looked like a picture perfect happy family as they took a stroll through Boston, MA. Jennifer wore baby Seraphina, and it’s obvious that, just like elder sister Violet, she is a cutie!

Jennifer and her two girls were just spotted in Ben’s hometown bundled up snug as a bug.

Back on the West Coast, Jennifer was just seen at the world premiere of her new flick, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which hits theaters this Friday.


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  1. Violet still in a stroller!?And caring Seraphina like that in the BabyBjörn is not good.
    But the kids are cute.

  2. Believe it or not, 3 year olds sometimes get tired and need to ride in a stroller. Most of the time, we see Violet walking so I don’t think being in a stroller the odd time is a big deal.

  3. Why is it bad to carry Seraphina in Baby Bjorn.. And it is easier for them
    to have Vi in the stroller or maybe Vi loves the stroller since Ben seems
    to be wheeling it around the park without it.

    You can carry a baby in a jogging stroller until they are 50 pounds..!!

  4. awww Sera’s adorable. she’s really cute and she looks exactly like Violet.
    great pics, thanks celebritybabyscoop 🙂

  5. seriously anon?? violet is 3 and i’ve seen celebs put their 5-7 year olds in strollers.
    anywhoo, sera is SO cute! she looks more like ben than violet does to me. what an adorable family =]

  6. Why does she never look decent except on the red carpet. She doesn’t have to get all dressed up ,just put on something nice. A T shirt and some nice slacks or one of those relaxed fit dresses. She looks like she just fell out of a gym. One of these days he is going to look at her and wnder why she doesn’t care about him enough to make him proud of her in his hometown.

  7. What’s wrong with how she looks? I think she looks beautiful and she proves that being a mother isn’t always glamorous, but it’s still the best job in the world. She looks happy to just be out with her husband and her girls. She doesn’t have to get dressed up just because the paparazzi follows her around……God, could you imagine having two children and having to please everyone else in the world too. Give her a freaking break. I’m sure she doesn’t care about how she looks because she is happy and in love. If Ben wanted to be with someone who was constantly dolled up, he would have stayed with J.Lo.

  8. seriously chris x, who does she have to get all dolled up for??? it’s her life and she’s already happliy married and ben doesn’t seem to mind how she looks. i personally ADORE the way she dresses b/c it shows just b/c you have money, doesn’t mean you have to go and flaunt it. i applaud jen!

    • Funny how they always nag Jen for her casual attire, but no one ever nags Ben or any other celebrity father for not ‘dressing well’.

  9. The Baby is simply beautiful, as is Violet. Why all this criticism of Jennifer, I thought this was a baby forum, not a fashion blog. And Anon. above is right, if all Ben cared about was how dressed up his wife could look while taking a walk he would have stayed with JLo (Who by the way, has never been seen wearing her kids OR out on a walk with them)

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