SJP & Matthew Broderick Expecting Twin Girls!

Representatives for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick reveal that the couple is expecting twin daughters this summer through a surrogate pregnancy.

The Sex and the City star and her actor husband are “overjoyed,” according to their reps.

The couple are already parents to 6-year-old son, James Wilkie.

Congrats to the Parker-Broderick family!

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  1. What wonderful news! Can we all agree now to forego the comments on the hand-me-down clothes the little Ms. Pinks will be wearing? No, didn’t think so. We are who we are, aren’t we? *grin*

  2. WHATTT?! how lame is my life that this is the most interesting news i’ve heard in quite some time!!!!! i am so shocked right now… i guess all i can say is CONGRATS! i’d never imagine them with twin girls =]

  3. LOL Melanie! I was super excited too! I always had a feeling they’d have another…I was surprised at twins though. 😉

  4. That makes 3 of us who are super excited! I love SJP she seems so down to earth! I agree with you Melanie, I always thought she’d have another! Congratulations to them on their soon-to-be baby girls!

  5. They are the subject of numerous blind items. These could well be ‘band aid’ babies. He’s also a buggerer he hit on my former boss (lives in Manahttan) in a club once. He just tried his luck with another guy when my boss said no. lol

  6. I am surprised, I assumed they were just going to have the one… fact, I think at one time there was an article on here about how Matt really did not want any kids but was happy once SJP told him she was pregnant? Who knows?

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