Jennifer Lopez Recalls Emme’s Medical Scare

Jennifer Lopez was glamorous in green at this weekend’s Noche de Ninos Gala, benefiting the Children’s Hospital of LA.

Jennifer and her husband Marc Anthony put in an appearance at the star-studded event, where actress and mom-of-two Jamie Lee Curtis was given this year’s Courage to Care award for her work on behalf of children’s organizations.

The actress spoke to E! about a scare they had when their twins Max and Emme were just a few weeks old. She recalls the night that they rushed their daughter to the hospital after finding a lump on her head.

“We both got very nervous, very very nervous, and I just remember my heart sinking to my feet. I looked at [Marc] and I said, ‘You know if anything happens, I’m not going to be okay, you know that, right?'”

After many tests, including an MRI, it turned out that Emme was just fine.

The experience, though, prompted Jennifer to team up with the Children’s Hospital to form the Maribel Foundation, which provides pediatric care to those in need.

“I started to wonder, What if I couldn’t afford a doctor or receive the medicines, the procedures?” Jennifer says.

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