Eric Mabius Introduces Rylan Jaxson

According to an exclusive interview with Eric Mabius and his wife Ivy, Life & Style reports that the arrival of their second son, Rylan Jaxson, unfolded like a scene from Eric’s hit ABC series, Ugly Betty. In the early morning of Dec. 7, Eric and Ivy (who was in labor!) rushed to catch a NYC cab — only to have it run out of gas en route to the hospital! “We had to pull over to the side of the highway,” Eric tells Life & Style.

“The driver got out and started waving his hands to hail another cab.” Thankfully, the expectant parents were able to catch one. “I moved all the bags from the first cab to the other and we just kept going,” Eric says. After the stressful trip and a 90-minute delivery, this hectic story had a perfect ending: the birth of 10 pound, 3 ounce Rylan. In the five months since, Rylan has put on around 9 pounds, according to his proud parents, who recently opened up their Brooklyn home to Life & Style. “When he came out, he was so big, he looked like a toddler,” Eric, 38, laughs. “It was wild.”

Eric went on to explain the birth story: “The epidural didn’t work because the baby was turned the wrong way, so Ivy was actually having back labor,” during which labor pains are felt in the lower back, Eric says. “She was in a lot of pain.” Once Rylan was out, even the nurses were shocked at his size. “We put the baby on the scale, and one of the nurses went running down the hall to tell everyone to come get a look,” Eric says. “She had never delivered a baby that big!”

The couple, who are already parents to son Maxfield Elliot, 3 next month, aren’t sure whether they’ll have a third. “We each come from two-children families,” Eric explains. “We think it’s a good, round number.” And a whole lot of work besides. “Two kids are definitely more work than one,” he says. “But they’re only going to be this age once. I don’t want to miss anything.”

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