Tried, Tested & True: UV Skinz

It’s that time of year again, when you pull out the bathing suits and replenish your sunscreen supply. It’s scary to think that one severe sunburn when your child is young can double their chance of developing skin cancer as an adult.

Last year, I received the ‘Olivia’ UV Skinz swim shirts for my girls. Not only are they stylish, they block out 98% of the sun’s damaging rays! My girls loved wearing the shirts – and I was thrilled not to have to keep applying sunblock.

The UV Skinz founder, Rhonda Sparks – has three young children herself. Tragically, Rhonda lost her 32-year-old husband to skin cancer. The mission of UV Skinz has been to protect others from the sun. They produce stylish swim shirts and accessories for men, women and children that provide 50+ spf.

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? All day protection from the sun, stylish
Dislikes? None
Price: The shirts I reviewed are $32.95 & worth it!
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  1. I won the Olivia UV Skinz swim shirt last year for my 5 year old daughter and loved it so much I bought another for my 2 year old…they are great…don’t wear down like other shirts I have tried and most important I know my girls are protected while out in the sun having fun!!!

  2. I’d like to add my kudos: I heard about these from this site and checked it out. I ordered a hat for my nephew a couple weeks ago. It arrived really fast and it looks fantastic. He put it on and now he wears it around the house, so it must be comfortable, too.

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