Tried, Tested & True: SnapMe Swimwear

I’m kind of breaking the rules here, because this isn’t a product I tested myself, but I couldn’t resist telling you about it. None of my kids are in diapers anymore, but if they were, I would definitely try one of these swimsuits.

I heard about SnapMe Swimwear through a family member and thought it was such a great idea. Not only are the suits practical (they snap at the bottom for easy diaper changes) and stylish – they are also made out of UV protectant fabric.

They have 5 different styles to choose from – each suit has 2 rows of snaps in the crotch, and an adjustment loop around head strap. Sizes range from 6mo-3T. Currently they only carry swimsuits for girls. I think the price is well worth it at $27.99 – I’m all about making daily life easier.

Rating Out of 10: n/a
Would You Recommend? n/a
Likes? I love how practical it is/great idea
Dislikes? n/a
Price: $27.99
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  1. This is fantastic!!!!! I love things to make my life easier, especially when it comes to diapers! I am going to order today!

    • Wow! They really are adorable! I have a one year old daughter and DO NOT want to put her in a bikini. I think they are way too old for kids, especially toddlers. I am definitely going to order one! The patterns are so adorable also……reminds me of Hawaii 🙂 Aloha!!!

  2. These suits are fantastic! I ordered one for my sisters child, we go to the beach all of the time, and what a life saver this suit is! The mom that thought this up is a godsend to mom’s (and aunts) everywhere. And not to mention, they are adorable, it was hard to choose just one pattern. Anyway, for all those beach or pool going families with toddlers, this is a MUST HAVE!

  3. just recieved today… can not wait to wear it to swim class on wed… life will be sooo much easier… great idea!!!

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