Tried, Tested & True: Another Way To Stretch Your Dollars

When deciding what diapers I would use on my firstborn, I learned one important thing, cloth diapers have a bad rap. I actually had people warn me to “be careful” because I needed to have a bucket full of water with bleach to put the soiled diapers in, and this of course could be dangerous with kids around! For those of you who use cloth diapers, you know this isn’t so. For those who do not use them, I promise you, this is not the case. So I searched, and I searched, and I ended up with a little stash of cloth diapers for my boy, and, with a few hitches here and there, nothing worse than what their counterpart, the disposable has done (ie. leaks occasionally.) I was on my way to saving the world, one cloth diaper at a time.

Not long after this, I found myself with two very young children in diapers and major home renovations. I fell off the “wagon”, and ended up using disposables, as things began to settle I stumbled on a new product. This little cloth diaper is trim, much less bulky than any other diaper I have come across, and its so easy to use. Plus its a great price at $20CAD a pop. It works just like a disposable, you just open it up and lay a piece of fabric inside it and throw the insert into your “diaper bin” when your done with it! Or you can use as a pocket diaper and stuff the inserts into the back if you are trying to make it easier to use for Grandma or Dad. Plus they save a ton of money, since you don’t have to buy diapers for 3 years.

One of the greatest things about Applecheeks is that they make it easy for you to get started, by offering kits that are ready to go. You buy the kit and you are well on your way into the simplicity of cloth diapering. And even better, Applecheeks, started by two Canadian moms Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu, are made right in Canada and have the most hands on customer service around, Ilana and Amy both welcome any questions you may have! These are the best cloth diapers I have used. No leaks, no fuss because its super easy to use, I would recommend to anyone trying to do a little something to lessen their footprint on the earth. For parents on the go, using Applecheeks diapers at home alone can lessen the load on your wallet and the landfills!

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? trim fit, reusable
Dislikes? none!
Price: Starter Kit starts at $139.00CAD
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  1. For Australian readers, I highly recommend Baby Beehinds cloth nappies. We’ve used them for our son, now 17 months, and they’re just fantastic.

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