The Schreiber Boys Take a NY Stroll

Liev Schreiber took his always adorable son Sasha, 22 months, out for a stroll in New York this afternoon.

Liev was last seen on the big screen in the box-office hit X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The dad-of-two – younger son Kai is 6 months old – recently admitted that he got a bit bruised and battered on the set, but told Parade magazine that he got little sympathy at home.

“Are you kidding? We had just had a baby, so there’s Naomi with my son Sasha waiting to have dinner and be changed and put to bed. And I’m walking around like the Michelin Man with the ice packs on. But I did my daddy thing.”

Liev is now back at work filming Salt with Angelina Jolie.

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  1. Isn’t their other kid’s name Samuel? This site keeps putting Kai, which I thought was the middle name?

  2. lol some kids just look sad.. i had the saddest most pathetically miserable looking eyes, and i was normal and happy

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