James Marsden & Family Hang Ten In Hawaii

James Marsden and his wife, fellow actor Lisa Linde, were seen having a blast on the island of Maui, Hawaii with their two children, Jack Holden, 8, and Mary James, 3 1/2, on Saturday (June 20).

Lisa, who played the character Ali on Days of our Lives and James, best known for his roles in Hairspray, Enchanted, 27 Dresses, and the three X-Men films, have been married for nine years. Lisa’s father is legendary country music songwriter Dennis Linde. The family of four recently relocated to Nashville.

James is set to star opposite Cameron Diaz in the upcoming horror film The Box, based on the 1970 short story Button, Button.

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  1. He’s beautiful, but I hate it when parents wear sunglasses because it’s so bright it hurts their eyes but it doesn’t seem to occur to them that their kid has the same problem.

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