The Biological Parents Of Michael Jackson’s Children Questioned

Multiple sources report to US magazine that although Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were married, the biological father of their children, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, is Arnold Klein, Michael’s dermatologist and Debbie’s former employer. “He [Klein] is the dad,” a source tells Us. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that neither Michael or Debbie are the biological parents! Reportedly, all three children were conceived in vitro, and are not biologically linked to either Rowe or Jackson.

Numerous sources deeply connected to the births tell TMZ that Michael was not the sperm donor for any of the Jackson children. Debbie’s eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and was paid well for her services in the births of Prince and Paris.

Regarding the youngest Jackson child, 7-year-old Prince Michael II (a.k.a. Blanket), TMZ reports that the surrogate was not told of the identity of the “receiving parent” – Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson’s lawyer picked up the baby and delivered him to Michael.

The custody of the Jackson three remains unknown at this time.

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  1. This is all so ridiculous. Jackson was their “dad”, regardless of biology, so let it be. The man is dead. What difference does speculation make now? I wish they would stop dragging his name through the mud and let him rest in peace. I feel so bad for these poor kids.

  2. I agree Hannah!! Why do they feel it necessary to go through this whole process now?? I mean Michael has been there for those two children since the day of their births. He’s the FATHER, he’s who they consider there FATHER, end of STORY! It shouldn’t be rocket science here. And the oldest son def resembles Michael a whole lot (especially the nose!), so I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is the biological father. And Michael’s father has colored eyes, so that would explain Paris’s eyes! I wish the best for those, support, and a safe environment is what counts at this point for those kids!!

  3. Those were his kids regardless of DNA. How was Debbie so sure that they didn’t use MJ’s sperm anyway? You can’t tell who the sperm belongs to just by looking at it. Also, the daughter looks like Debbie. I think this is another tabloid lie to get people to think less of Michael. People need to stop knocking him. He is no longer living among us. Shouldn;t that be enough for all of the haters? Let it go! Have some compassion and respect for his 3 kids and family? They are old enough to read. You wouldn’t want people talking smack about the only loving parent you’ve ever known, would you?

  4. i agree angelia, people just need to leave it alone. they were his children regardless and they need to go to his family. i cannot believe people (like anonymous) can still be sooo rude to someone who is no longer living. i pray michael rests in peace.

  5. he can’t be the biological father, because even though he was white now, he was born black and his kids should have been black as well. prince and paris are not just white, but even pale with straight hair. however, i don’t think it matters who the biological parents are, mj was their father.

  6. Umm ok people.. if you tell me that Those boys do not look like Afro Michael than u had bigger problems than he did. Also, That girl is the spitting image of her mother Debbie.

  7. I agree with Anonymous. The boys completely look like Michael. His first son has his face, just more paler, and with lighter eyes(which could’ve come from the mom). “Blanket” if you see his baby pictures has the greasy jet black curly hair, and dark brown eyes. His daughter, will she looks like Deborah Rowe if you ask me. But regardless of what they look like and who they look like, Michael was their father for their whole lives. That’s all that these children know. So, I hope his children grow up to be healthy and happy adults.

    PS I hope his kids don’t have internet access. They would constantly be watching their dead father be berated.

  8. How can people say they are his biological kids? It’s already been said that they aren’t. Plus, does nobody remember that Michael is black? He may look white now, but he’s still black. So if they were his biological kids they would be black!

  9. This comment will be ‘way out there’… what if the biological mother is the famous Celine Dion? The biological father, of oldest son, Mark Lester and daughter Paris’s father – MJ’s dermatologist?

    Debbie Rowe does not look like either one of them, so she must be the surrogate?

    Who knows? The main point is the Michael loved his children.

  10. This comment will be ‘way out there’… what if the biological mother is the famous Celine Dion? The biological father, of oldest son, Mark Lester and daughter Paris’s father – MJ’s dermatologist?

    Debbie Rowe does not look like either one of them, so she must be the surrogate?

    Who knows? The main point is the Michael loved his children.

  11. It has already been said that he is not their biological father so what, he loved them more than the biological father did. Michael and the Jackson’s were all they know so leave it alone and let the children move on with their family- The Jackson’s- These people should be ashamed of trying to get custody of these children. They are old enough to understand what family is and family is not sperm or eggs, it is where, who and how you are loved, cared for, and tooken care of. I believe Michael was a good father so PPPPPlllleaaaaase let him rest in peace pray for his family and kids!!!!

  12. Hey Anonymous,
    You are so dumb….. African-Americans come in all skin tones. You can’t look at someone these days and tell their race. Please leave those kids alone.

  13. Im sorry but you are all being ignorant saying hes black the kids would have to look black. i am african american, my husband is german (white) and my kids are as white as snow and have blond hair! sometimes when we are together people ask me ” oh wheres the mom”. so its possible

  14. It is possible to be black and have white children with a white mother, they do look a bit like Michael, but even if they weren’t biologically his, but even if they weren’t, who raised them? Who heard their first words? Who changed their nappies? Who LOVES them??

    Michael Joseph Jackson, thats who.
    He is their father, he loved them and i think he is the best father in the world. He dedicated his life to them, he lived for them.
    You may think i’m opinonated for my age, but i’m just bright and i was raised well. 🙂

  15. they are his children because they were always a family together and always will be. Whoever they decide who their daddy is. Also a DNA test was taken and he was proved their father and Debby Rowe is proven their mother. God bless the little ones strength through their fathers death. Best wishes to them.

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