Natascha McElhone Keeps Her Husband’s Memory Alive

A little over a year after the sudden and tragic death of her husband Martin Kelly, actress Natascha McElhone tells Red magazine that he is still “very alive” in her home.

The Californication star says that she is working to keep the memory of their father strong for her sons Theodore, 8, Otis, 6, and Rex, 8 months.

“We talk about him all the time. There are pictures of him everywhere and his office is still exactly as it was. The boys go in there and raid it – they love the fact that they’re not going to get told off. I’ll often say to the boys, ‘That would really make Daddy laugh’ or ‘He’d be so proud of you,’ but the other day my eldest son was being trying. I said to him, ‘I think Daddy would have a few words to say to you about that.”

Martin, a renowned plastic surgeon, suffered a heart attack last year while Natascha was pregnant with their third child. The couple had just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Though she admits her new life as a single mom is often overwhelming, Natascha, 37, says that it helps her to stay focused on “managing the very basic side of life” with her boys: “It’s boring, but it’s the logistics of the roof leaking, mail coming through the door, the kids’ homework, lunch boxes and sports kits. It’s up and down and you’re the only person, but I look after myself and I hope I’m doing okay.”

The busy mom is grateful that her older boys now have their baby brother Rex, who she’s described as her “dream baby,” in their lives: “I think the little one will start to ask questions just at the stage when memories are fading. Hopefully, that will bring them back to life again.”

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