Karolina Kurkova Is Expecting A Boy!

Karolina Kurkova and fiancé Archie Drury, who recently announced they have a baby on the way, have revealed OK! they are expecting a boy!

“We just found out it’s a boy,” says Archie. “We’re thrilled. We couldn’t be happier.”

The Victoria’s Secret model, who is already six months along, commented on the recent industry baby boom, saying, “It’s like a baby moment. It’s almost like the trend right now.”

Sharing the pregnancy experience with Karolina are models Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen.

“I’ve talked to all of them,” she says, “congratulated them, and Heidi, I’ve seen her at the Met and that’s when she was already showing and popping. She was actually one of the few people that I told because we’re very close to our due dates. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s a nice message for the fashion industry, a nice thing showing that we are real women and we are normal and healthy and that’s why we can get pregnant, that we really take care of ourselves and our body. And we’re growing up. We’re not 17 or 18. We’re becoming women and becoming moms.”

The 25-year-old model/aspiring actress tells OK! about the overwhelming feelings of being pregnant: “I always wanted to have kids and I love children, but being pregnant, the whole experience of having a baby inside of you that’s growing. I start feeling the kicks now and feel the baby, it’s just the most amazing thing. I just can’t explain.”

Her fiancé is just as excited: “We’re over the moon!” he gushes. “She’s going to be amazing. I mean incredible. I get emotional when I think about her being a mom.”

Karolina and Archie have been together for a little over a year.

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  1. Nice, babies as a ‘trend’. And honbestly who actually says ‘We’re over the MOON?’ It’s so awkward and odd. I thought only Hollywood PR agents said that.as

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