Kendra Wilkinson Won’t Watch “Jon & Kate Plus 8”

While millions tune into the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, mom-to-be Kendra Wilkinson has a different opinion.

The 23-year-old ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner spoke out to E! about the popular program showcasing the Gosselin family: “We don’t watch that anymore. I watched back when it was good and they weren’t all Hollywood. I feel bad for the kids.”

Wilkinson, who is expecting her first child with hubby Hank Baskett on Christmas Day, also has a reality show herself on E! called Kendra and says she will not allow her baby to appear on her TV show.

“That will be all private,” she told Us magazine. “I want to be able to spend my quality time with what’s been growing inside of me for nine months!”

Do you think Kendra and Hank will keep the cameras off baby Baskett?

What do you think?

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    • I know!! Isn’t this the same playboy bimbo who was recently on a TV show all about banging her 80 year old boyfriend!?

  1. I don’t think she will keep the cameras off her baby. If she does, she will be parading the baby around hollywood showing the baby off for a photo op! So, either or she is going to have that baby in the spotlight.
    She is a media wh#re! Ever since she got pregnant, she has been giving us a play by play. I like pregnant people, so a celeb (not Kendra) but famous people willing to parade themselves is good for me. But, we get what she is doing!

  2. I have to laugh at her! She is an idiot and so dumb!

    She is a media who#e and a nobody!

    She is NOT a celebrity!

  3. The only reason people even know her is because she shows her life on camera. She hasn’t done anything else for herself. It seems obvious that she will show the baby if needed to stay in the spotlight.

  4. She does not sing, act or do anything. She is a dumb wannabe!

    She will never be anything but a stupid playmate!

  5. haha, i think she got pregnant for the show. i actually feel bad for the baby. think about this, everyone knows your mom had sex with hugh hefner for money and fame. when you google your mom, all those disgusting pictures pop up. the difference between hookers and her is pretty much none. i’d choose to be born in the gosselin family if my mom were kendra wilkinson. nuff said.

  6. Again, why is this woman even on this website? Everyone seems to be annoyed at her mediawh*rism, so let’s please just stop paying attention to her! please? thankyou

  7. you people are all discusting and so jealous. I’m a 65 year old great grand mother and watched her in Girls Next Door.She is funny and very cute and not so dumb as she seems to be making more money than any of you sick and nasty people. She and Hank seem like a very loving couple and I hope they don’t read any of your cruel and nasty thoughts..If you are so jelouse whey even be on this site? Keep you nasty thoughts to yourselves and go else where.

  8. I can’t believe how mean some of you people are! Do you have nohing better to do than discourage a young family? Spotlight or not, these are real people living their lives the best they know how. You all sound like you’re personally pissed at a woman you’ve never even met! Ridiculous. I was a fan of the show when it was the original Girls Next Door, and some of my favorite scenes were Kendra being her silly, tom-boyish self. Instead of spewing out negativity, why can’t people instead try to enjoy their own lives and wish well those who are enjoying theirs? Congrats to Kendra and Hank.

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