Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her 40th In Style

Happy birthday to Jennifer Lopez, who marked her milestone 40th yesterday.

The mom-of-two showed off her famous curves in a figure-hugging silver dress as she joined her husband Marc Anthony and friends for a birthday bash at the Hotel Griffou in New York’s Greenwich Village. It was a far cry from the fake baby bump she’s been sporting all week on the set of her new film, The Backup Plan!

Earlier that day Jennifer, who is mom to 17-month-old twins Max and Emme, was surprised on the set with champagne, flowers and a giant chocolate birthday cake featuring a photo of herself.

What do you think of the birthday girl’s dazzling look last night?


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  1. Who the hel* has a birthday cake with their own picture on it?!?!

    Jennifer Lopez makes me sick.

    She grew up dirt poor and now she thinks she is better than everyone else.

    She is so arrogant and she thinks she is so important.

  2. Mark Anthony is the only man that would put up with her crap.

    JLo obviously controls their relationship. She definitely “wears the pants” in that family!

    He kisses her big butt all of the time. He is a puppet and a wimp!

  3. Wow!!! Jenifer Lopez makes 40 Fabulous and you all are HATERS!! And to answer Anon 11:24 & Dea…Please!!! The Birthday Person has their face onTHEIR birthd ay cake!!! sheesh!!! Some of you need too get a life!!!

  4. she is beautiful, talented and special, i love her
    (probably if i was as beautiful as her i´d put my photo in a cake. Anyway, it was a present so it wasn´t her idea)

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