Linda Evangelista Is A Malibu Mama

Supermodel Linda Evangelista was spotted going for a Malibu beach stroll with her son Augustin James, who turns 3 in October, and restauranteur Peter Morton, whom she has been romantically linked to since 2007.

Famous for her appearance in George Michael‘s music video Freedom ’90 in the early 90s, the stunning mother-of-one is still busy at work. The 44-year-old Canadian beauty recently posed for a religious-themed photo shoot in New York City.


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  1. Augustin James is sucha cutie. I can’t believe someone photographed Linda and her family this closely. She’s usually very guarded and secretive these days.

  2. Editorial note: In this context the word to use would be ‘famous’… infamy denotes some degree of notoriety or scandal. Just a helpful note..
    And I did not even know she had a child! Wow.

  3. Es una mentira esta nota,ella es una mentirosa tambien,porque el i de agosto declaro en corte que necesita una nannie tiempo completo porque no puede ni sabe que hacer cn su propio hijo si esta sola,she dosnt know be a mother!!!!!!OMG, no se puede ser mas estupida,se es madre con amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,siemplemente amorrrr,y siendo tu hijo el centro del como declaraste en corte que el centro de tu mundo es tu cuerpo….y los tipos millonarios que te tratas de levantar!!!Pu….ta de lujo.

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