Camila Alves Is Pretty In Purple

Expectant mom Camila Alves showed off her growing baby belly – and her lovely pregnancy glow – while out running errands in Malibu today.

Camila’s boyfriend Matthew McConaughey took to his MySpace blog earlier this week to give an update on soon-to-be big brother Levi, 1:

“We had to super child proof the new house because he’s motoring around like Usian Bolt and eatin like Kobayashi, Camila and I can barely keep up. We call him the fruit bandit ‘cause if there’s fruit out, he’s on it, takin it and eatin it. He’s gettin bigger, more fun, smarter and craftier by the day.”


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  1. she looks healthy and happy. Good for her.

    Matthew Mc’s whole uber laid back persona may or may not be him but it’s grating. It’s like, does he drop all of his G’s like the faux folksy tone of Sarah Palin? Ugh. Just eye roll inducing. Or, ‘inducin’…

  2. She reminds me of Matt Damon’s wife Lucianna…They are both great moms
    and seeing both their partners are in the business and they are not…
    And both are Brazillian

  3. Camila is able to handle the paps quite well with her usual gracious and calm nature. Not sure what’s so interesting for them in a trip to the dog groomer and back.

  4. McConaughey’s accent has a life of its own by now, as if it qualified to be in a frame on the wall at Sardi’s. Matthew himself plays along, just like Wm Shatner — when Kevin Pollack and even Matt Damon “do” you, you’re so far over the top it doesn’t matter anymore — you’re exempt! 😉

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