Katie Holmes & Suri Shop ‘Til They Drop

Three-year-old Suri Cruise was all dolled up today while out shopping with her mom Katie Holmes in Boston. The preschooler was wearing an adorable tiered skirt and clutching a shiny shell-shaped purse and stuffed elephant – and check out the little peep-toe heels!

Katie and Suri recently joined dad Tom Cruise in Boston, where he’s filming his latest movie, Wichita. Earlier in the day the Mad Money star and her hubby were spotted out – in color-coordinated ensembles – for a jog.

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  1. Whoa!! I don’t know what to think of this. I mean, I love the way they dress Suri. I remember Tom saying that she didn’t want to wear coats nor trousers, so okay. But to put her in HEELS???
    They could be those princess shoes, but they seem to fit to well for that (and the shoes aren’t bright pink LOL). My daughter is 3,5 now and she is not allowed to wear heels or shoes like that. I want her feet to devolop normally and always buy good shoes. I’m still a bit shocked with these pics, love her skirt and cute babar stuffed animal though!

  2. Yep I totally agree why would anyone put a 3yr old in heels. I don’t enjoy shopping in heels can’t imagine how her poor feet felt.

  3. There’s no doubt that Suri isn’t going to be a spoiled little rich/bratty kid when she gets a tad bit older. There is no denying here people!! Blame her parents..not HER!

  4. What is wrong with Katie?! A 3 year old weating heels!

    That is absolutely ridiculous! I do not know what to say about this family anymore. Katie has turned into a crazy person!

  5. give me a break! the dorothy heels i wore back then probably higher than those. suri’s shoes are the same height as most little gals’ cinderella slippers. i guess most moms are “crazy”

  6. Yeah children want to play dress up yada yada yada, but the question is, is it REALLY necessary to let your toddler wear that in the streets?? I don’t think so. This family proved their ridiculous point when Tom insisted Suri didn’t want to dress the way she didn’t want to (can’t remember in what)

  7. Heels…and she is running in them too – it’s just ridiculous! My little cousin is 11 and has only just started wearing dressy shoes with a tiny kitten heel! Why can’t she be in cute little sandals or ballet pumps with frilly little socks??? Let her be a little kid – the cuddly toy and the heels don’t mix!

  8. WTH? Those are not just heels, they get narrower at the tip. Childrens’ bones are SO maleable. If this is more than a once in a (very) blue moon thing, Suri might well have back issues, even before she becomes an adult. And health issues aside, why would you pimp your child into wearing these heels? Those tacky plastic Cinderella ones are bad enough and are usually worn at home, but this? Can you say Lolita? Just a few years away…. Seriously, parents are there to make sure that their kids have a childhood. Parents are there to say ‘that’s something you can do when you are a bit older’. What’s next, a padded bra?…

  9. Wigs, plastic surgery and now training heels!? Just when you thought you’d seen it all. And there goes the flying hairpiece!

  10. lol all shoes get narrow at the tips… It’s not that big of a deal. She doesn’t wear them constantly, and she likes little dressy things. But it all comes down to the fact that it’s not your kid, and its not your choice.

    • the tip of the heels get narrower, not the tip of the shoes. heels that are not chuncky support the foot even less. that’s why they make all (well, i guess most) little girls’ dress shoes with chuncky heels, so that they at least get proper support, even when wearing heels.
      and of course it’s not our kid and not our choice, but this is the comment section, so we’re comenting. and choice or no choice, it all also comes down to the fact that no orthopedic doctor in their right mind would agree with a child wearing this kind of shoe.

  11. Im sure they don’t let her wear heels all the time! No big deal. I’m going to Newbury St, this weekend ..maybe I’ll see them shopping again!

  12. Oh please people!! My daughter is 3 and a 1/2 and loves playing dress up (in little heels and princess dresses) and occasionally we let her leave the house in them if we’re going to the store or out somewhere quick. They obviously don’t let her walk around like this all the time. RELAX!

  13. Stop pontificating! These pictures do not even tell the complete story. If you check other sites, Suri changed into pink sneakers which her mom obviously brought along during their shopping trip. Leave them be.

  14. I don’t see these pics as disturbing. My little granddaughter went shopping this week in a tiara. The shoes are one item of apparrel and they threaten her health or wellfare or national security. They are just shoes!

  15. I have two problems with this. First is her healt. Wearing heels that young can cause problems with back and feet. Not to mention posture problems. Second is that our job as an adoults and parents to let children be children.
    Even dancers don’t start wearing heels or hard ballet shoes until they are at least in their early teens.

  16. Suri is cute, yes
    Her parents dress her good, yes
    BUT !!! HEELS FOR A 3 YO ?!?!?!?!
    I’m 13 and wearing the same heels would hurt me … are you kidding mee .. !!
    even the mother wasn’t wearing heels !!

  17. these, do not look like dress-up shoes
    and Suri does not dress like a kid
    ok … look at Shiloh (cute little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt)
    and now at Suri … Shiloh wears pants, t-shirt socks …. anything a kid should wear
    but Suri does not ..
    hard to explain, she is very cute but just .. does not dress like a … kid ….
    anyways … hope someone understands …

  18. Unbelievable – it’s so predictable! Spot the “inappropriateness” in every picture and then hurry to post your judgement! As soon as I saw the heels I knew that would be the big “no no” of the day…… wow! She is a child, they are obviously caring parents, give me a break!!

  19. I can’t believe how ridiculous everyone is being!! Comparing her to Shiloh? They are two different girls, Shiloh is clearly a tomboy, while Suri is very girly. I seriously doubt her parents (whatever opinion you have of them) would intentionally “endanger” (which is a ridiculous accusation) their young child. She’s a little girly girl wearing heels. Who cares? There are worse things happening to children all over the world at this moment, why don’t all of you put the energy into focusing on something truly disturbing, instead of a toddler’s footwear.

  20. Wow, Suri doesn’t get many no’es does she? .. I would never let my 3 year old wear heels. Not in million years, its one thing to dress up and play, then its okey. But not to wear as casual.

    And to hannah. How do you know that Shiloh is a tomboy? Her mother dresses her, she isn’t at the age where she can choose her own style. Neither is Suri.

  21. This is so ridiculous. Katie did not make the shoes, blame the showmaker that made heels for little feet. I’m sure if Suri’s feet were hurting, those shoes would be off by now. At least she has something on her feet.

  22. I don’t blame Suri or her parents, I blame the people who make the shoes why would anyone want children (as young as Suri) to wear such an adult item.

    • tha’s funny, last time I checked it was kate and tom who are raising suri, not her shoemaker. that’s just like blaming those people who make super sugary cereal or mcdonalds or other junk food for childhood obesity instead of the parents, who actually let their children have that food. or blame car makers instead of wrkeckless drivers for accidents. that’s just totally faulty logic.

  23. I cant believe how people are overreacting about all of this!!! The shoes are cute as hell, but comparing her to Paris Hilton and calling her a future Lolita because of this is really ridiculous and speaks more badly about those saying these things than her parents.
    Seriously!!! When have you seen Suri walking for more than a block? They always end up carrying her anyway!

  24. Suri might not have walked in those shoes for a long time, and her spine is probably fine and yes, there are way more serious child-related problems in the world. But everyone who has responded to these pictures cared enough to put in a bit of thought. Some think it’s OK to let a child wear heels, probably not for a long time, others think it is unhealthy, or that it reflects passive parenting, or that it’s just bad taste. I’m with the latter bunch. Some decisions we make as parents are ‘in principle’. No, it won’t hurt my child to wear heels for a bit, and it won’t do her much harm if she wears mascara and some eyeshadow/lipstic for a day. But with kids growing up so fast these days, especially girls, I, as a parent, am doing everything I can to keep my girl a girl, and that includes having little talks about age-appropriate dress and behavior. Some girls gravitate towards the girly stuff more than others, that’s for sure. But with our environment being packed with gender stereotypes of how women need to look and act (check out disney ladies, bratz dolls, good ol’ barbie, many other cartoons), I’d rather err on the side of caution and hype up that childhood thing for my kid, insisting that some things she’ll be able to do when she’s a bit older. Because believe me, all these kid things, she won’t be doing them for many years to come. Those things are usually nipped in the bud pretty early (see padded bras for 10-year-olds and g-strings), so I’d much rather let my kid go barefoot and hang from those monkey bars with a couple of scraped knees and a splinter in her toe…

  25. THEY ARE PLAY SHOES!!!! They are the little princess heels for little girls. If you look closely they are very, very warn on the toe – meaning that she wears them to play in, around the house. And if any of you saw the rest of this set of pictures – she changed into tennis shoes. Undoubtedly she wanted to wear them out and Katie knew she wouldn’t last in them, and brought the tennis shoes. EASE UP PEOPLE. IT’S NOT LIKE YOU SEE HER IN THEM EVERY DAY!

  26. Play shoes are meant to be worn AT home when she’s PLAYING Louise not to wear in public and walk in. I don’t care about the other pictures of her in regular shoes, play shoes are meant to play in not go running around in.

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