Rebecca Romijn: “I Was A Milk Machine”

With her new series Eastwick debuting this week and her 9-month-old twins Charlie and Dolly officially on the move, model mom Rebecca Romijn has plenty keeping her busy these days. The 36-year-old X-Men star, who is married to actor Jerry O’Connell, recently opened up about her daughters, her best mom advice and the long months she spent as a “milk machine.”

On Dolly and Charlie’s latest milestones: “They’re both crawling. This weekend they’re teething and of course Jerry’s at home with them. Honestly, I was with them right up until they were six months which is when we started shooting, and I felt like they kind of took me for granted a little bit, like Jerry’d walk in, they’d be like, “Ahhh.” But then they never even noticed that it was me with them the whole time. Now that I’m not there as many hours during the day, they’re pretty clingy and I have to say I love it. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

On breastfeeding: “I finished nursing three weeks ago. And yes, I was a milk machine. I felt like that’s all I was to them, just this walking milk machine.”

On who the twins resemble: “One looks just like Jerry, one looks just like me. I mean, and our baby pictures, if we compare our baby pictures with each other, they’re identical.”

On feeling sexy as a new mom: “Sexier? I feel more seasoned than ever. I feel like every day I’m more seasoned than I was the day before.”

On not having any more kids: “I think I’m done. I think I’m done. Four feels like a perfect number to me. I feel like the world was made for four, a couple of pairs.”

On getting back to her pre-babies figure: “My own vanity made it difficult for me to watch myself in that pilot a little bit. I was like, “Oh my God, that looks like a lady who just had babies.” Honestly, nursing did most of it. It requires so many calories per day to nurse two babies. That was the fastest, but I still have a little ways to go.”

On the industry pressure to lose the weight: “Definitely the business because if it was just me, I have a way more important job at home with these babies. The pressure of losing weight like that would not be there at all….. It’s just part of my reality. So it’s just something I have to deal with. It’s not something I ever worried about. The weight that I gained when I was pregnant felt very natural. Losing it was very natural but I still have a ways to go. How I’ll lose the rest of it, I don’t know. Those last 10 pounds, man, they’re a doozy.

On her best advice for new moms: “The best advice I have for new mothers is repeat this mantra: ‘It’s only temporary.’ This too shall pass. That’s gotten me through every single stage of every single day that I’ve had so far with these girls.”

On her best twin tips:
“Coconut water because you’re so thirsty the whole time you’re pregnant and when you’re nursing you’re completely dehydrated all the time. So lots of coconut water, has lots of natural electrolytes. The snoogle pillow for when you’re trying to sleep, is like a big S shaped pillow that supports you in all the right places.”

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  1. Finished nursing? Correct me if I’m wrong (I don’t have kids yet), but does she mean “chose to stop”? 6 months seems kind of early to me to stop nursing unless you want to- just wondering if that’s the time you should? I remember my mother breastfeeding my youngest sister until she was a little over a year, so I’m a bit confused…

  2. wow you guys….how snippy and judgemental. i nursed both of my children….my first til he was 14mnths old and my 2nd until she was about 18mths old. i think it’s great that she chose to breastfeed at all, many people dont. it can be very difficult for some people and very time consuming and a lot of pressure, dont get me wrong tho because it’s also one of the most rewarding and beautiful things i have ever experienced in my whole life.
    that being said, deciding to breastfeed or to use a bottle is a very difficult decision that i’m sure she put a lot of time into and who are you or i or anyone else to judge when another mother decides to ween her children. it would probably be VERY difficult working 12-14hrs a day on set to nurse your TWINS>and yes you can pump, but i HATED pumping, i felt gross and awful and i absolutelly hated it and my milk supply went down and it didn’t work for me………. so how ’bout you guys chill out and leave her alone. anyone who breastfeeds for SIX MONTHS isn’t “fake.” it takes a lot of time and determination and love to do that as you can’t drink alchohol, you have to constantly watch what you eat, stay hydrated, take your vitamins everyday, and never get more than 3-4hrs of sleep in a row EVERY NIGHT.
    yeah, sounds real fake to me.

  3. Maybe I can’t do the math, but if the twins are 9 months and she said she was done breastfeeding 3 weeks ago, wouldn’t that mean she stopped breastfeeding at more like 7 1/2 or 8 months?

    Also, I didn’t see where it said that she doesn’t give them breast milk anymore? Maybe she pumps instead.

  4. lioness, any amount of time of breastfeeding is good for the baby. most women dont do it at all. a year is recommended, but you should just try to do it as long as you can. if it’s only for a month then good for you.
    ana, many women have to stop breastfeeding because of work, it can be like a full-time job. some babies want to nurse every 20 minutes around the clock, i cant even imagine nursing twins. i give her a lot of credit for doing it for 8 or so months.

  5. I think that it is great that women in Hollywood are talking about nursing their children. I hope that this will inspire more moms to chose to breastfeed, especially young moms.

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