Angelina Jolie & Her Blue-Eyed Beauty

Look at those eyes! Angelina Jolie was photographed carrying her youngest daughter, 14-month-old Vivienne Marcheline, out of the Licky Licious Ice Cream Shop in Amman, Jordan on Friday (October 2).

The gorgeous duo were accompanied by papa Brad Pitt and twin brother Knox Léon. Click here to see a picture of all four at the ice cream shop.

“The kids look so much like Angelina. They look like their mother. But they have Brad’s eyes,” Licky Licious owner Ihab Fakhouri told PEOPLE. “They looked like really happy kids.”

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    • Well, luckily you’re not her mother so it’s of no consequence what you like and don’t like.

      What is wrong with the pierced ears (her ears are pierced, not her earrings) and the bracelet? Man, there are a lot of uptight people in this world!

  1. She’s cute!! and i agree- she looks like brad!!! and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pierced ears for someone her age, I think it’s adorable 🙂

  2. She´s all Angie´s! Look all the pics of Angie when she was a baby.
    Knox looks like Shiloh and both are the mix of Angie and Brad.

    Gorgeous kids! All them!

  3. OMG! Finally we get to see these two little cuties! They have grown so much! Viv is absolutely a little beauty and Knox is a little heartbreaker in the making! I love those little earrings Viv is wearing. I don´t understand why some people say that a 15-month-old can´t have her ears pierced! There´s nothing wrong with it. Viv looks a lot like her big sis Shi. Those same beautiful baby blue eyes that all of those three – Shi, Knox and Viv – have inherited from their dad and that beautiful mouth from mum Angie. Great to see them again. Hope to see them more often now. These pics prove all those nasty rag stories about their alleged “poor” health TOTALLY wrong. Both Knox and Viv look perfectly healthy little toddlers and have developed normally. God bless them and their family 4ever!

  4. Wow she’s such a beautiful baby! Well, she’s a Jolie-Pitt, so of course she is 😉
    I guess I don’t really mind the pierced ears, I think it’s interesting that they pierced Vivienne’s ears at that age but not Shiloh’s or Zahara’s.

  5. may be she has pierced ears because she was born in france???? maybe brad and angie saw that all little girls have their ears pierces an decided to go along with it. i now meny meny meny countries where it is a tradition to pierce the ears this little,like mine!

  6. This is totally out of topic but I have to get this out of my system. Just saw this most outrageous headline in Daily Mail. It says that Brad met with his ex while being in NYC two weeks ago. I find this story so offensive that I wonder where do these rags (I consider Daily Mail one of them) get this info. Brad was in NYC with his son Maddox. And besides he was there to attend this year´s CGI – not to meet Jennifer Aniston to get some relationship counselling. Which brings me back to these adorable pics of Brad, Angie and the twins in Amman, Jordan. Does a couple who´s on the verge of a break-up look this happy? I don´t think so. Those smiles aren´t for show. They´re real. I´ve had a very bad start for this day and watching these pics made my day. So my advice is:don´t bother to believe everything those stupid rags write. 99.9% of those stories are total BS!

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