Elisabetta Gregoraci’s Pumpkin Patch Bump

An expectant Elisabetta Gregoraci posed at the opening of Gardaland Magic Halloween in Verona, Italy on Saturday (October 3).

The 28-year-old Wonderbra model is married to 58-year-old Flavio Briatore, who is the biological father of Heidi Klum‘s 5-year-old daughter, Leni. Heidi has stated that Briatore is not involved in Leni’s life.

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know he married. I thought he was more than happy to play the field. Anyway, I wish his wife and new baby the best of luck.

  2. Wow – pretty said that this guy would have nothing to do with Leni but now is going to be a father to someone else!

    Leni is better of without this pathetic idiot!

  3. Leni is definitely so much better off without him. Seal’s a great father to her.

    I wish his wife and baby good luck.

  4. After the his latest scandal (getting kicked out of F1 racing) I really can’t stand this guy. What was Heidi thinking!?

  5. She won’t be digging much gold as her husband Flavio’s income will greatly diminish after being kicked out and banned from F1 recently.

  6. Really? I’m pretty sure the poor girl did nothing to you guys. Leave her choice of work alone. Her husband sounds like scum but leave her out of it unless you know she sucks like him.

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